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Hiding the truth for now

Posted on Fri Feb 5th, 2021 @ 8:15pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

Occ: Ok this is a snip bit from a joint email Guys star paying attetion.


General MayTa walking out of his office and looks a Razor. I'm Taking over.
Lr Razor nods aye sir. He gets up and goes and helps with tactical.
General MayTa looks down and his data padd on his right arm of his chair.
O'Hair whats our speed, General MayTa asked him. Cwo O'Hair looks down.
Warp 8.7 sir ETA to DS9 1 day 15 hrs sir.
General MayTa sits back and thinks for a second. O'Hair incress speed to warp 8.7
Eta at this speed. Cwo O'hair sets speed, sir eta now 24 hrs 30 minunts sir.

:: Time pass 12 hours and a Priority 1 transmission comes in::

Lt Razor just about to go of duty sees the message. General Sir prioit one message
from a Admerial Jace Massy. General MayTa glances back. Ask him whats the nature of the
message. Lt Razor gives a funny look. Aye sir he ends the request. its comes back asying
answer the damn message. Lt. Razor sir the Admerial said to just answer it now.

Geemra; MayTa thinking I pout rank this fool On Screan! Lt. Razor aye sir activates
the screen. General MayTa sitting there as the screen is all hosed up. Razor clear that shit up!
Lt. Razor aye sir ! He starts working on the transmission..

:: The screen clears up and a very battered Admerial standing there on a badly damages brige.::

General MayTa looks , what the hell happen to the Zilo Admerial?
Admerial Jace standing there.
> Adm-Jace: General we where attacked buy a ship of some kind. a ghost ship. His Xo walks
up. Commander Jones, More like a Void ship of some kind.>Adm-Jace its was a fight from hell.
No matter what we threw a them, we hade to hit at full power.

General MayTa thinks to himself Its the Blight. Fuck me all to hell. General MayTa are you suer
it must have been more that one ship?

>Adm-Jace: No just one ship,, their crew board us threw some kind of void conduets.
Some of the crew reported Friends glowing white with no exspression. Some had a hard time,
killing them.
>Adm-Jace: MayTa I would send you reports but a lot of the systems are down or barely working.
Om top of that we har playing cat and mouse with 3 Cardassian war ships.
We are in the Vicko sector of the Gamma Quadrant.. We holding over a some moons southern
pole. I also has a small astroied belt around it. We are using it as protection wail we do

General MayTa nods, how long before your on the way?
>Adm-Jace: our CEO said with all crews working around the clock. 6 days
but we will have minimal shields and weapons. At best warp 5.8!

General MayTa thinks for a second. Ok Stay there going to try to get a few ships out to help you.
Whats your last Cords?

>Adm-Jace: 435.6 mark 678.9 Please hurry Steve I don tp be out here any longer that I have to
at this point.

General MayTa relax help is on its way, just have all data in this encounter rady I want to see it..

>Adm-jace: Will do Steve it was a real shit show here. Jace out!

General MayTa looks at Razor contact the 3 closes ship to then and have them move at max warp.
Also fill them in about the Cardassian? Lt. Razor what about that unkown ship. General MayTa playing
stupid. I think it was more that 1 ship and using some kind of holo system. Just do Razor. General MayTa
gets up and heads into his office. Captain Katana walking onto the bridge. General MayTa walks pass
saying you have the bridge number one. He walks into his off and locks the door once again.



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