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Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Name Steven Neal MayTa

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant General

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon/Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Face us human with slight Klingon ridges, Eyes are human shape, Is clean shaven. Body is Built and well toned. dose have a small scare on corner of left eye, ans injury as a young teen.MayTa is slightly small that the normal size Klingon.


Spouse Tammy Faye (Desieced)
Children Ashley MayTa
Kelly MayTa
Kijie MayTa
Father Tol'Kath' (Desiesed)
Mother Jenny Davis (MayTa) (Desieced)
Brother(s) Adopted Brother Mathew Hall
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview MayTa is a very well spoken person, he has a grate humor wail off duty,But wail on duty he goes by the.
Numbers at all times. At times he can be ridged but yet easy going when he wants to be. MayTa has a few
quarks or ticks if you want to call them that. One he hates liars and can spot them quickly, he can look past dis honisty. Nor can he take when people don't do the right thing, nor can he handle when people,steal or pick on the weak,. On the brighter sides he loves friends and family and will go out of his, way to take care if them.
Strengths & Weaknesses MayTas strengths are fighting for whats wright and defending the weak and helpless, also his drive to
exceed and complet what ever mission or task put in front of him, he never quits ever. MayTa has only
two weakness that are know, one His past it kind of stops him and hold him back a bit, so he all ways
tries not to live in the past, The other is he has a hard time putting trust in people unless he can see
that the person can be trusted,
Ambitions MayTa has only one Ambition to make Command General and retired Happy.
Hobbies & Interests MayTa has a few interests, one of them is Old Earth History specially Roman and mid evil times, He also
has has a keen like for The World wars and Korean and VetNam as well as the Gulf wars. Its also know
he liked to reinact most of these hisoric war. He has a few hobbies, that he tries to do when he can. Salt
water fishing (deep Sea) Camping, Hiking, Karate,Akido, Kavmagra, Cooking, and 1980s Music.

Personal History Most of MayTas personnel history is Classified but this is what we know, MayTa was born on Kat'MotH' a
Klingon Federation Colony, Date unknow. His mother and Father where both killed. due to an attack
by a temporal species called the Tharians. It was unknown why they attacked. MayTa was raised by his
both sets of grand parents, he child hood was unlike most others. In his spare time when he he was,
not studying or active in sports. He was perping to enter the Klingon Academy. By the time he was
14 he tried to enter but was denied. Due to the fact it was ub safe,there has been Tharia attacks every
other month. So he entered the Star Fleet Marines. He really excelled at Tactical, Tactics, Security, Temporal Studies, engineering, Ship Designes and Fighter and shuttles Command. During his first year MayTa,made sutch and impression he made squad Sergent, witch was never heard of for a first year.
MayTas second year he once again proved himself as a Bright and promising leader. His studies started
to become easy. He pass his second year finals in the top 5% of his class and was promoted. To
Gunnery Sergent. During his 3rd year he was showing a real knack for all his studied specally Command,
By his mid year he was promoted to Cadet 2nd Leutenat. During his 3rd year MayTa was picked for,
Active OCS (Officers Canidate Schooling) The Commadant of the Marine academy thought. MayTa would
do well and learn more. SO MayTa had noproblem completing OCS and by the end of his training. he
earned the acolaide of Honor Recruit and was givein the commision to the rank of Captain.
He was assgined to the Star Base Star Light as second officer. There he performed his duties with out
a flaw. By the end of his second year He fell in love with Tammy Faye a young Temporal Tech. During his last few years there in the SB he had two daughter Ashley and Kelly, who doth went into Star Fleet
one went Marines. MayTas 5 Year as a Captain he was Transfered to DS9 and there he was, placed as XO Under the Command of Captain Hamon where he really honed his command skills, during his duty
there a war broke out and, he was transfered to Combat Command under the Command of Lt. Col, Mathew Springhorn. MayTa was once again placed as XO of. The fameded Walking Dead of the 3rd
Divison. He was assiged to leand Command forces wail the Colonel Commanded the ships. After along
2 year war with the Cabol. MayTa won the Star Fleet Marine Cross and the Star Fleet Medal of Honro.
Before he returned back to SD9 he was promoted to Major. But Fait has other things, in store for him.
He was asked to refit a Endevor class (The USS Sutherland-D) he basically was over seeing all weapons
sheilding and armor plating. There he worked away for 3 years. Then the Temporal threat of the Tharians. Came back to hunt him.
War once again broke out and He tried to run from it but could not. MayTa was once again Transfered
back into the front lines. He was placed in command of a Temporal Marine bergaied. After 1 year of fearice fighting he was moved to Xo of the flag ship (NX Sanctuary-E) Under the Command of General
Springhon. From here all records are seals level 30 ad up only.
Service Record USS-Sanctuary-E (Endevor Combat class)
Post- XO Major
USS-Sanctuary-F( Jaguar Classmuiti Roll)
Post-CO Colonel
Star Base Star Light (Omicron Class)
Post- Second Office Captain
3rd Marine Division
Post- Battalion Co Captain