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send those reqest so we can win the battle

Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 @ 9:44pm by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Uss Sancuary
Timeline: current

Hello everybody let me not waste any more time.


Welcome ladies and gents and old .. happy young and old angry and crabby to another human story and the greatest adventure of the beloved Robert Razor!Razor!... Razor!....... (cue clapping and cheering in the background) yes...thank you thank you..

as we last left our hero the now General MayTa has briefed the team on the latest mission. everyone has been assigned their roles and we are now heading towards DS9 on max warp. but suddenly an urgent message was received from Zilo Admiral in the Vicko sector of the Gamma Quadrant. we are sending a request for ships to go there Robert. what will those ships find? i don not know but we will soon find out in the latest installment of deep space night. the search for love...


"General MayTa looks at Razor contact the 3 closes ship to then and have them move at max warp.
Also, fill them in about the Cardassian? Lt. Razor what about that unknown ship. General MayTa playing
stupid. I think it was more than 1 ship and using some kind of holo system. Just do Razor. General MayTa
gets up and heads into his office. Captain Katana walking onto the bridge. General MayTa walks pass
saying you have the bridge number one. He walks into his off and locks the door once again."

Robert was standing next to the communication officer typing out the request to DS9 and filling in all the details of the situation going on with Zilo Admiral in the Vicko sector of the Gamma Quadrant. priority one message. urgent sent. Robert stood there making sure that the message was received.

Robert- Captain, the message has been sent and received.

Captain Katana- understood please keep me informed of any information of any updates.

Robert turned to the communication officers

Robert- please leave channels open for any updates. and if you can keep an ear out in the Gamma Quadrant. i don't have a good feeling about what is going on over there. call it a hunch but it may be a trap.

Robert walk back to the security pannels of the bridge and started sending emails to DS9. informing them of their arrival and putting in the request of a ship-wide tour for himself. Robert made it a habit to make sure he understood and set foot in every part of a new ship he was on. Robert also began emailing the officers in charge of monitoring the Delta and Gamma Fleets. he wanted to set up a meeting with both of them to further help exploration for both sections of space. one of Robert's assistants walk up to Robert and handed him a datapad.

Assit#1- sir here are all the requests for the day. we also briefed their request to so you do not have to read the whole request. we went over all of them there all correct.

Robert- thank you ill sign them as soon as possible and send them over to you. please make sure the section are ready to pick up their supplies as soon as we dock with DS9.

assistants then hands him 2 more

Assit#1- also here is the monthly equipment checks from the units. and there Flippo for any damaged equipment that needs exchanging. and there request for new equipment.

Robert quickly signed them and handed them back to the assistant.

Robert- here you go, and thank you very much for the hard work you two.

the assistants turned and left Robert, Robert then took the next 10 minutes reviewing and signing the supplies request for the ship for when they reach DS9. Robert handed it to one of the bridge runners that took it to my assistants. Robert went back to his emails to answer some emails from within the ship. after an hour Robert walks over to the communication officer.

Robert- any new news?

communication officers- nothing new. but I did overhear that the ships are scrambling and are now getting ready to be sent off. there making sure there are ready for anything. it sounds like there are sending a recovery ship with them so they can retrieve the ship.

Robert- thank you

Robert walks over to Captain Katana

Robert- well it looks like they're scrambling their ship now. and they're sending a retrieval ship with them also.

Captain Katana- understood i will send the update to General MayTa.

Robert- ok well i am going to the mess hall to grab something to eat if you like something ill will return before we get to DS9.

Robert walked over to the second officer who was in the security position as an assistant. please let me know if anything is pass through. as soon as possible ill be back in an half an hour. would you like anything?

assistant- coffee?

Robert- of course, you want anything in it?

assistant- blacks is ok with me.

Robert padded him on his back and walk towards the turbo lift. Robert turned in the lift as the doors closed and was thinking of what will be the Klingon version of coffee to bring to Cpt Katana. Ra..k...tajino??


ok yall that what I got, for now, .. i am putting in the request in for everything that's gonna happen when we get there. so as DS9 is prepared when we get there.


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