Specifications - USS (NX) Sancturay 2880


=/\=Star Fleet MARINE FLEET =/\= (Flag ship of Regament 25 Black Ops Marine's 3rd Division Temporal Combat Group)


Class Jaguar J Class
Role Multi Roll Combat
Duration 48 years
Time Between Refits 28 years
Time Between Resupply nonimal


Length 19,600mft
Width 17,400mft
Height 23,200mft
Decks 21


Officers 230
Enlisted Crew 1,800
Marines 1,800
Civilians 10
Emergency Capacity 800


Cruise Speed 8.899
Maximum Speed 9.99999(78 hrs)
Emergency Speed Transwap varibal

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Zaricron tripple layer sheilding Matrix:

Total power out put: 1st layer 6,888,445.5 mmw 2nd layer 899,878,9 mmw 3rd layer 988,999.9 mmw
Rotation speed: ALL 000.004

This type of sheilding was devleoped fore temperal and sub space as well as normal space
combat and but most of all the shields help in moving threw temperal and singularities and sub space.
Prismic Medaphasic Cloaking system(Advanced)

use for temperal space travil sub space and normal space. During temperal and sub space
the cloak is only active for up to 30 second the its automaticaly shuts off. When in use for
normal space it can be used up to 2 hrs then its has to be recycled.
Weapon Systems 3 360* Type XXV compress Phaser array's ( 160 pallets per section) 14,000 pallets per array

28 rapided Type XXVII Phaser Turrets

32 Pulse fire Type XXVII Phaser ports

Forward Torped systems:

Hell Fire Rapided Fire Pulse syste X; ( single to 6 at a time)

Torpedo load out forward: ( 2 Bays)

Total: 1,800
200 colbalt type XX Torpedos
200 Tri-Colbat X Torpedos
400 Tri-Quantom type XXV Torpedos
400 Standard Mark XXX Torpedos
1000 Normal/Subspace Temperal Torpedoes (Kromiton Mk XX)
normaly used in Temperal combat only due to sutch destructive power its deamed as weapon of last resort and can't be used in standarized
combat for any reason unless fighting a level 25 Class Vessal or higher,A level 25 or higher class ships are ships of futuristical origans and weapons
and systems Far to advanced for Standardlized ship to ship combat I.E exsample of a level 25 and 30 Temperal ships are from STTNG seaon IV-VI Alternat
Federation Time ship and the Tharians From DS9 seaon IIV-V

Aft Tropedo Section:

Quick Fire Pulse Torpedo systems: 2 (Bays) ( 4 shots at time)

Total: 600
300 Standard Mark XXX Torpedos
300 Quanton type X Torpedos

Solar X Counter mesures
Quick pulse Burst system (fires 200 micro Chafe flares)

6,000 Flares (Make up Magniezum/ZChromion) bruns to 780,900.000 candel light power
these fliars also have a nuronium/chominum/Calinite dust partical's with distorts the ships
signature and totaly mess up 98% of all know sensors and tracking systems.
Armament classified

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 3
Shuttles Primary:
Captains yacht,
1 Dundabal VI run about
1 Renigaed V run about

1 Delta flyer J
1 Long range shuttle type XV
1 Long range recon shuttle

3rd Shuttle bay:
1 Diplomatic shuttle
2 Observation shuttles (Scientifical)
Fighters 2 squadrons of 12 Raptor Advanced tactical fighter

10 Multirole bombers
Runabouts 2 Long range Runabouts Type VII Dundbual
1 Delta Flyer Class 2
2 Reconnacince Runabouts Hell Hound
1 Diplomatic Shuttle Type V
2 Scientific Shuttle type X