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prepair for anything

Posted on Thu Jan 28th, 2021 @ 11:49am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: bridge
Timeline: current

Hello everybody sorry for the late post but I am back. the system I guessed didn't like me..lmao but let me not waste any more time.


Welcome ladies and gents and old .. happy young and old angry and crabby to another human story and the greatest adventure of the beloved Robert Razor!Razor!... Razor!....... (cue clapping and cheering in the background) yes...thank you thank you..

as we last left our hero the now General MayTa has briefed the team on the latest mission. everyone has been assigned their roles and we are now heading towards DS9. what the hell is DS9 Robert will soon find out in the latest installment of deep space night. the search for love...


Robert stood on the bridge half a week has gone by. everything for chance has been running smoothly. Robert sat in the Captain's chair drinking some coffee reading up on information about DS9. looking for more info about both Delta and Gamma fleets.

"Deep Space 9, originally known as Terok Nor, was one of the most historically, politically, and strategically important space stations in the Alpha Quadrant during the latter half of the 24th century. The space station was constructed by Bajoran slave labor overseen by the Cardassians in orbit of Bajor during their occupation of the planet. Under Federation administration following the Cardassian withdrawal, the station was relocated into the Bajoran system's Denorios belt. There, DS9 became a vital commercial port and defensive outpost due to its location near the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole. It later became a key strategic location during the Dominion War for both the Dominion and the Federation Alliance. "

Robert shifted in his chair, finding out this information was very interesting to him. Robert continued to read.


"Terok Nor was originally an ore processing facility, thus its armament was relatively mundane, though sufficient to presumably repel boarders or oncoming starships. Following Federation acquisition of the station the defense systems were modestly upgraded or brought up to Starfleet specifications. Following Starfleet's first contact with the Dominion; fear of invasion secured their interest into a massive overhaul of the entire station's defenses. The DS9 crew spent the better part of a year upgrading the stations weaponry. By the time the Klingons attempted to invade the station, the station's weaponry was sufficient to hold off a Klingon battle fleet. And would later hold off the Dominion.

The station was armed with phasers and photon torpedo launchers. After its 2372 refit, the station was armed with five thousand photon torpedoes

Robert- five thousand photon torpedoes!? holy smokes...

Robert brought up a reminder note

to double-check security shields and to double-check the defense system. make sure we have early warning spotlights out in orbit around in every direction around the port. make sure security ships are on stand by. and there patroling ships out.

check on DS9 ability for long-range fires and short defensive fire. if non- make it happen.

double-check both Delta and Gamma fleets are battle-ready. make sure all equipment is ready to go. make sure they are put on a rotational defensive operation in orbit around DS9.

double-check that life support systems and security systems are separated for optimizations for defensive and offensive operations.
make sure all weapons on DS9 can support long-range firepower.

make sure shields are upgraded to be able to withstand any type of fire.

Robert put down the pad for a second and looked over the ship's datapad to make sure everything was still running as normal. the bridge was quiet everyone was busy doing their work. so perfectly in sync, no one had to say a word they worked perfectly together. Robert not wanting to disturbed the ambiance stood up and walk with his personal pad. looking over the last 3 assistance as a security manager. the 3 man team worked perfectly that it took off a load of work and help everything run smooth. this gave Robert an opportunity to prepare for the next mission.


[General Mayta walked onto the bridge. He looked around and glanced at Lt. Razor who is commanding the Third watch. well also turning to glance at MWO Rochanko who was on Tactical. The looks that he gave both of them sent a cold shiver up their backs. General MayTa suddenly made his way to his office. Razor looked at MWo Rochanko

Razor- what the hell was that all about!?

General MayTa stood at the door.

General MayTa -When it's time for you to know will know.

then proceeded to walks into his offices. ]

Robert shrugged and went back to the captain's chair. sat down and thought to himself. that Klingon were still a mystery to him. that one day he will understand them better. well as for now ill guess ill just have to deal with a ship full of them running around angrily in the ship. Robert began to chuckle. at least he hasn't died yet. Robert continued to read his Datapad on DS9.


ok yall that what I got, for now, ill like to thank fandom for the info. ill try to drop info to help the story along.. here my source page for copy-right issues maybe. I don't know just covering my tail. if not it is still there. '

source page-


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By Lieutenant General Steven MayTa on Thu Jan 28th, 2021 @ 5:28pm

ROTFLHAO this is the best one yet keep it up and you make the best post award and a service ribbon also a huge Stine