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Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 2:31am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Cos Office
Timeline: current

OCC:: Ok jumpimg ahead a few days get your los in now not when you want to.


General Mayta waking out onto the bridge. He looks around and glances at Lt. Razor who
is commanding Third watch. He gllances at MWO Rochanko at Tactical. The looks he gave them
sent a cold shiver up thier baccks. Gernal MayTa make his ay to the office. He hears Razor
asking MWo Rochanko " what the hell was that all about" Geeral MayTa at the door. When its
time fore you to know you will know. He walks in, Computer lock the door no oneis to enter.

The computer chreps, and the door locks.

General MayTa sits at his desk, he turns on the comouter and access secure files. He goes over
the reports from shis and ou post from. Our time line now and from other time line. He thinks
what the hell is going on here. He starts watching some video.

About 40 minutes pass and he starts to see things he only heared about in another alternat Univers.

General MayTa No this cant be happing, the Blite here and in other time lines. He watchs people and
start ship. Being pulled int a black and wihte void. No im not seeing this. He continues watching.
30 more minues pass. He fear starts to set in. Mother of God NO!

The mighty half Klingon has seen somethng at chills his soul to the core.

Computer Pause and enhance picture. The vidoe puase and the image is enhanced. N N NO Fucking
way. It can be him. Fear starts to domimate him. Computer save picture and enhanced grios alfa 2.
The pitcure is saved and the imgae shows an Icon on the figures chest. Geenral MayTa slides away from
his desk. He takes a deep breath, I thought it was arumor he either died ot he went missing. The Beast
of the Cabol is a Taken. But how we stopped the taken King Orix but killing. His son Crota! He sits
there in utter fear. He gets up after a few minutes. he goes to this Goldish tall Locker of some kind.
He puts his right hand over a Wolfs head and it opens.

General MayTa looks at a star like small bot. Called a ghost. Ghost wake up I need your help.
The small bot comes to life and starts to float. Yes Silvaras Lord of the Hose of Woves. Tell me
everthing you know about the Blite. I just watched reports and videos on what looks like an Blite
encurson here in this time line.

The little Ghost just floats there and his glowing eyr chaanging colors.

Um did you say Blite My Lord. General MayTa walks back to his desk Watch all of this. As the vidoe
plays sound of yelling and crying echo out. Ghost watches intently. My Lord I dont kow much just,
the stories and rumores left behind from the Traviler. I dont even think the speaker would know.
General MayTa thats not what scares me this is.. He pulles up the pictures,

Ghost floats back and he glowed from sliver to gray.

Om my God is that? Yes it is Traksis! No I know where he went. Ghost looks at MayTa.If the Beast is
a taken now, All hell is going to break out. It looks like most of his Army is with him. General MayTa
stands there in fear.. Now you know why I need you. Ghost shall i gather the gardians.. General MayTa
just two, Janko and echo they are here. Tell them what you saw and have, Them contact me. Ghost
back up a bit I will he shimmers into a tiny temporal jump.

Geern MayTa walks over to the locker. He look at this armor no of any kind known. He thinks God help
me if I have to dawn this armor. He looks at a beat of a shot gun. I wounder if a top and under 60 guage
incineray shell can stop the Blite. He closes the doors and locks it. God help us all in the days to come.

The Mighy Half Klingon know he has to stay focus and a fixed point for all who needs him.
Most of all his Family =. Not just Katana and the twins but for his crew as well. They are all his family.



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