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"Light Duty? Your Crazy!"

Posted on Sun Jan 17th, 2021 @ 3:49am by Colonel Katana Rochelle & Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Quarter's


Grabbing Mayta, "You're putting me on light duty? Public relations, Have you lost your mind!!!! I am your XO and your wife, but first and fore most I am a KLINGON WARRIOR! And I am not going to sit on my ass dealing with public!", Katana spat. Walking to her work station she pulled up the daily reports. Katana was irate, annoyed, and to be told she was not needed simply because she was pregnant.....that was the last straw!

General MayTa Snaps away and glares at her. One dont you every touch me like that again! Two
DONT YOU EVER TOUCH ME LIKE THAT AGAIN! Right now I need everyone doing what I assigned
them ro do. I have my reason as to why. I will tell you when the time is right. SO Right now all
I need is your obediance and all Iam you you all is a FIXED point!
Klingon Warrior or not Follow my orders to the letter. As you also being my wife, I need you safe
and the safty of our twins. If you cant except that, then I will jusy have to transfer you off the ship.
I dont really want to do that but I will. He turns and adjust his jacket and heads out..

Standing, glaring at the retreating form of her husband, Katana picked up a boot and flung it at the door. "I will not be transferred off this ship either!!" she screamed after him. Sitting down she softly cried. He did have his reasons but why make her responsible for public relations. It was something she had no idea to handle or do. She could do other things that she knew how to do. But why was he so damned protective now? Could there be something in this mission that could actually put both her and her babies in harms way? She would have to speak with him again when he was less angry...but exactly what does he want her to do?


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