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DS9 (day 1)

Posted on Wed Jan 13th, 2021 @ 2:02am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Ready room
Timeline: current

OCC: ok npcing everyone to start us off please follow along and need everyone logging,
Remeber this is a joint effort with multi orgs. So lets make it a good one Also some where down the
line we will do one or two Live IRC Sims. Beofre that happens Ill sends out a guid line for everyone on how
to live IRC sim,

Ready room 1300 hrs (1pm)

General MayTa standing lookg out the window waiting for everyone to walk in, Captian Katana
walks in, Dear she walks up. Are you ok? General MayTa with out looking im fine Love. She looks
at him and smiles, Ok ! She make her way to her set. Lt Razor come walking in with Corporal Tera
and Staff Sergant Kevin Roman. They take thier seats and talking if they know whats going on.
CWO Asher and MWO Rochankp stroll in like scared school children. Cwo O'Hair and the rest of the
seinor staff manage to walk in and take thier seats.

General MayTa with out looking he speaks, Ok quite down! Thanks you for coming . As you know
I sent you all a notice that we are going ot be taking over DS9. As of this morning I was just was told.
That I was given the duty as Temporal Task force Commander as well as The Co of Both Task
forces. Delta Quadrent and Gamma Quadrent. SO I have over 38 ships under my command.
He turns slowly and looks at everyone of the eye to eye.
I'am goig to need help from you all. If you look at your padds you will see who has what. Before I get to
that, Trel He looks at his CMO. I know you been wanting your Super advanced Medical/ Sugical Ward.
Well Star Fleet medical approved it So draw up what you need and How many People your need. I'll
get them to send everything and everyone. Also your Hubby got what he wanted More help
for his. Counceler Staff 6 more people.
General MayTa looks at CMO Asher and Lt. Keno Guys from what I under stand. The Fighter bay modules
are installeed are ready to go. SO you both have 4 squadrons 2 with what we have here, 2 Spectrie-D's.

General MayTa eyes everyone shifting in thier seats. He looks at Lt, Razor with a very blank look.A look
Razor has seen many times before. Cpl Tera whispers Um here comes trouble? SSgt Rioman Never seeing
a look like that before slunked a little in his seat. Lt. Razor Im going to need your help. When we reach
DS( you will be Liasion to Both Delta and Gamma Fleets Standard. You will handle any and all request,
reports Ect. I trust you and I think you Can handle things. Just remeber send me updates and notes and
reports of importance. Everythingels you handle.

General MayTa looks a Cpl Tera its time for you to handle more reponceabliaties. You get to handle
Security at the Federation Embassy. You will be replaceing Ens,gin Danels. Hes a Temp till you get there.
Also you will be getting 24 Star Fleet securiry officer pluse 20 Marine Secuirty for you detail.
Lt.Razor Way to go kiddo. Cpl Tara make a face why me im a no body.. General MayTa hears bu dose not
comment. He looks at Ssgt Roiman.

Roman you will help out as Command NCO to Captain Ions and Lt. Hall. Your main duty is RRTS Rapid Responce Teams. You will be the first to be deployed in any situation. Secure the area nutraliz any and all
threats. You will have all 4 Delta Flyer Ds when you need them. So keep your Marines ready at all times
The General Goes on speaking to the other staff members. Captain Katana looks at him, Sir what am I going
to be doing. General MayTa looks at his wife. Not much your ok light duty.Untill our baby is born. So you
are the PR person! You get to hable all public repationd and Liassion to any and all Klingon Ships.
Captain Katana make a face. EXSCUES ME! General MayTa looks, sorry my love those are my orders. Unless
I just put you on leave till then.

Geenral MayTa looks around Guys if you need anything re your request in now, we have 2 weeks before
we get there. I do not want to be rushing and trying to push things threw. Once we reach DS9! Once we are
there we offically Take over. I know its going to be hard and stress full just hang in there.

Everyone gets up and heads out, Lt. Razor walks up. Sir thanks for the prestige hoor of. Puling my hair out.
But really why me why not Rochanko? General MayTa smiles. your welcome! Besides Rochanko make
it clear when he first heard. Not be giving that duty. So I thought of you, Lt Razor looks at them both.
reallt THanks alot. He walks out, come on Tera we got work to do.

Ssgt Roman walks up, sir I will do my best sir, Just never head up and RRTS before. General MayTa
nods. I know but if Captain Ions and Lt Hall recommended you. Then I trust thier desigion. Ssgt Roman
Smiles and walks out. Captain Katana Walks with Doc. Terel Dear why are you doing this to me?
Doc. Terle um your getting bigger and I told yo Twins! Captain Katana looks back him with a mad look.
And what dose that have to do with the Price of tea in China? General MayTa for one, see how your acting?
Mood swings! Doc. Terel Hormons are jumppng! Beside I back Steve. He turns and walks out. Ill
have my request to you in 2 days. Oh I will have a Med team standing for you Steve! Remeber to run
whne she attacks.

General MayTa looks at Katana please take what I gave you. I dont need anymore stress right now.
Captain Katana walks up whys that? General MayTa I been getting reports from other ship. Just not in our
time line. But From others as well, some kind of encursion from some where. Ships people just being taken.
Then they returns glowing white and ttacking and they are gone. Captain Katana what? She blinks, Im sure
Star Fleet intell and all the Sciences can figure it out General MayTa thats the thing, They cant so until
they do. I got the ball and have to try to reach out to the other time lines and find out What the hell is going
on. Captain Katana looks at him, He puts his fingers to her lips. Dont say a word I will let everyone know
soon enough. Now go lay down its nap time for you and the babys.

General MayTa watches he walk out, he turns the computer around and turns it on watching vidoes what
other time lines have already sent him.



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