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"Well This Is Not How It Was Supposed to Be"

Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2021 @ 6:14pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Colonel Katana Rochelle

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Bridge

Katana was pissed as hell with an Ambassador onboard. This shit fucked up her honeymoon and not pissed off Mayta as well. So now she was about to put this Ambassador in the brig to keep the peace onboard. Aside from that, her father just transmitted that he and 2 dozen warbirds would be ready to assist if needed.

"Katana to Mayta, my father has 24 warbirds at our disposal if needed," she said before she turned the bridge over to ColOps. Heading into the readyroom she was growling until she saw Mayta a

Col MayT looks ar his wife good have them meet us just before we get there. We will use them as escourts,

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