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The Arrival part one

Posted on Thu Apr 30th, 2020 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa
Edited on on Thu Apr 30th, 2020 @ 4:27pm

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Various places
Timeline: Current

0cc ) ok guys we are hrs out and im going to make this kind of long got to promote Katana up a few ranks.
Also deploy the rest of Security and the Marines and Doctor Fy is ok and what now, So here we go!
Oh if your going to do JL please do so. Also we have been in slip stream after 15 hours


Col-MayTa sitting in his office shaking off Be'lanas death. He finishes sending a letter to her mother and father.
He sits back. He looks at the Captains rank he's going to promote Cwo-Katana to. He looks on the computer,
to see if it was approved, He smiles it was, damn she held Chief Warrent Office for 10 years. If Charles said ok, Then its ok, he grabs it and walks out. He sees Cwo-Katana at her post on the bridge,

He stands looking at her very proud and yet finding himself falling for her.

We walks to the center of the bridge, ATTENTION ON DECK! The bridge comes to attention. Cwo-Katana
Front and center! Cwo-Katana looks puzzled and walks up. Cwo-Katana reporting as orderd sir. Shes standing
there stiff as a board. Col-MayTa looking at her, Normally this is done in a formal setting, But since we are not,
it has to be done this way. Since I have gave you the post of XO, I have checked and looked over your.
service history. I also talked it over with Admiral Charls Star. We agree with what i'am about to do. Cwo-Katana
with grate honor I here by promote you to Captain with all privalages and wrights there in. He steps up and removes the CWO rank and places the Captains rank on. He steps back and salutes. Captain Katana Salutes
back. Col-MayTa of course you will still handle CEO unti we can find another. Captain Katana smiles,aye sir.

Col-MayTa can feel how she really feels(Occ K I will change you rank after the log)

Col-MayTa as you all were, Captain follow me please. Keno you have the bridge. Lt. Keno looks back we are
3 hours till arrival. Col-MayTa nods and heads to the turbo lift. Captain Katan following,, wondering what is up.
Col-MayTa just looks at her with warm eyes. Sir is there anything you need. Col-MayTa just smiles and says
nothing. Soon they are walking threw Medical, Col-MayTa walks up to CMO (Doctor) Fytherix , everything
good here? Doctor Fytherix looks up and sees that Katana was promoted. No sir we are good,i'll have the reports
to by the end of the day.

Col-MayTa is starting to have fun making Katana following him and watching her get ancy

COol-MyTa and Katana wonders the decks what seems like hours. Soon they are walking into Maine Engineering.
Captain Katana looking around and starts barking orders. she walks off to check something. Lt..Lazerus walks up,
have you kissed her yet? Col-MayTa looks at him funny. Lt-Lazerus well you been all gaga over her. Now you
or should I say SFm promoted her to a higher rank. Col-MayTa it was Star Feet and SF Marines. Lt.Lazerus big
deal sir! Just do it, if you don;t i'am going to tell you kids you chickened out.

Col-MayTa standing there feeling odd as hell

Captain Katana walks up, sorry sir had to take care of something. Col-MayTa looks around and walks her over.
out of the way. out of eye sight. (room leading to the jerffies tube. Captain Katana looks at him, but cant feel
anything from him. Col-MayTa touches her face,before she knew it.he was kissing her. After the kiss she looks at,
him you know we have to be officers at all imes. Col-MayTa I know but right now all I want to do is. he kisses her

(bridge) Lt.Keno+Taps+ Lt. Keno to Col-MayTa eta 2 Hours. Col-MayTa with his forhead leaning on her +taps+
Understood. Whelp It time to get back to work. Captain Katana smiles, fixing her uniform. Yes it is i'll be i will be
on the bridge. She walks out., Col-MayTa waits for a moment the walks out. Lt-Lazerus walks past! Wow 2 long
kisses boss.Col-MayTa knowing he can trust Laz , just tells him to shut it. He heads back to his office.+Taps+
Col-MayTa to Marine CO gear up and lock and load! You know the drill!;Soon hes back on the bridge. Helm ETA.
1 hours 30 Mics(Minutes) sir. Dorp up out of slip in 45 mics. Lt.Keno aye sir! Tactical report! Sgt.Davis Scans threw
sub space,Nothing sir forward or back sir. Uss Raiden and the Uss Sutherland will be arriving in 5 days,

Captain Katana At Engineering post on the bridge cant help up keep glancing at MayTa

Col-MayTa looking over field data seng from Razor and his ream. Problems Captain? he looks over and smiles.
+com+ Colonel MayTa to Doctor Fytherix where we arrive please transport down with a team. We need to start
to figure out how to cure the colonist and Ihope you can find a cure soon. He get us and walks over to Lt.Kathy
You may have to go down there to help. Lt, Kathy Sir I really cant figure out.. What happend down there. Maybe something from with in the planet, but cant find a reason why, Then again something external. Col-MayTa
nods keep working on it. Colonel MayTa sits down in his seat and waits.



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