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Reporting In

Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 5:55pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Ready Room, USS Sanctuary

=/\= Outside the Ready Room =/\=

Kyle glanced at a bulkhead, looking at his face through the reflection on the solid duranium surface. This was it, he thought to himself. First impressions were vital. This was his first company command after having served as a batallion personnel officer - a bullpen for junior officers that were waiting for this coveted billet to open. Looking over his appearance one final time, he decided it was in order and carefully pressed the chime to the Captain's ready room door.

Col-MayTa looks up from reading his padd,Thinks what now. Come Col-MayTa speaks out.

Kyle pushed the control and the doors opened with a slight whoosh. He walked over to Captain Mayta's desk, quickly came to attention, and delivered a brisk salute.

"Captain Clinton, reporting as ordered, sir!"

Col.MayTa eyes the Captain over, He sits back. Your my new Marine Co?

Nodding, he took a PADD from his right hand and presented it forward "My orders, sir". As he handed over his orders, he dutifully sat in one of the chairs opposite the commanding officer and waited patiently for his next instruction.

Col-MayTa looks over the orders,He paused for a moment. Thinks hes got a darn good record. He looks
threw the padd some more. He put his thumb print on the padd, he sets it aside. Captain Clinton, Welcome.
You got the job! Your first duty is to get to know your Marines and the lay out of the Sanctuary. Second
I need you to make sure squared away if you need any gear let me know Aspa.

We are heading to Colandis V to help stop an Viral out break and save the colonist. You job will be recon
mission. I need you and your Marines once we ,get there to Take a few drop ships. And Recon out in all
directions. We need to make sure there is no hostal forces hiding on the plant. He stands up and exstends
his right hand. Welcome Captain!

Clinton nodded: "Aye, sir. What hostile forces do you expect to be there? Has Starfleet Command provided any intelligence on the plant

Colonel MayTa him, nothing to report, Just get ready for anything just in case,your did misses.
Returns back to reading padds.

"Yes, sir." Clinton nodded and left the room.

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Capt Mayta


MCapt Clinton
Company CO
USS Sanctuary


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