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We have arrived

Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 10:04pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Corlandus V
Timeline: Current


The Sanctuary is just about to come out of Slip Stream and the Ship and Crew are a buzz

Lt. Keno checking is readings,sir coming up on Colandis V sir. Col.MayTa looks up, Drops is
out of slip. Lt, Keno Backs down the speed and takes the ship out of slip stream. Col.MayTa stands,
On screen. The view screen and a Class M planet stand before them. Slightly bigger than earth,
But is just like home in ever way, Tactical Launch Warning beacons, set them to transmit Say away
Planet is under quarantine,. Rescue is under way we need no assistance. By the Order of Star
Fleet Command.

Col.MayTa +com+ Cwo Asher Launch your patrol! +com+ Captain Kayle Start you Drop Let me know
when you get down there. Once there Link up with Lt.Razor and the start your recon. Col.MayTa looks
around Tactical let make sure no ones down there or around, All sweeps Stadard, and Temporal! He turns
and walks ove to the Xo, Katana you have the bridge. Heading to medical.

As Col.MayTa makes is way to Medical deck. every crew member is hyped and ready to help,

(Medical Deck)

Col.MayTa enters and walks up to the New CMO Fytherix, You ready? CMO Fytheria looks,aye sir.
Gather your team and Meet with Lt.Razor and, find out what he knows. I need you to find a cure. Lt. Kathy
is already heading down there. To find out what caused all this, Its all up to you Fytherix ,Col.MayTa\
turns and heads down to the observation deck to watch everything happen, Moments later he arrives.
He stands at the window watching all the drop ships leave, He thinks I still say The USS. Outage and
the Timberland, would be more suited for all this, We are a Temporal Marine Multi Roll Combat Star Ship.

(Col.MayTa standing there with his hands behind his back pondering things)


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