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Bed time

Posted on Fri Apr 24th, 2020 @ 12:53am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa


Col.MayTa walking down the ramp to his quarters,he yawns and rubs his eyes.Hes trying to
stay awake. Half way down he sees his dog our side waiting for him. He walks up and looks
down. He thinks how is my Duch Hound getting our. He bends down and picks up his, minitur
Duchy:: Come on you , he press a button and the doors open. He puts down Fudgy. He walks
over to the couch and sits, Fudgy runs up and sits in front of MayTa. Col.MayTa takes off his
boots and sits back. Its been a long two days Fudgy, he looks at his dog. Fudgy gets up on his,
hind legs and begs to get up. Col.MayTa leans over and picks Fudgy up. Fudgy so happy to see
MayTa, he starts licking his face. MayTa sitting there petting him.

MayTa looks at the clock and sees its 10:00 pm. He picks up his tiny dog,,come on buddy its bed time.
MayTa places Fudgy on the bed and goes and changes.Into PT shorts and a Tank top. He walks up to
the bed. He looks at his dog in the middle of the bed. really Fudgy? I don't want to fight for space tonight.
MayTa walks to right side of the bed, and pulls back the covers. He jumps in as soon as he dose, Fudgy
dashed fo MayTas pillow and lays down..MayTa stops and laughs, moves fudgy and lays his head down.
Fudgy snuggles up to MayTa and falls asleep. MayTa can hear the light breathing from his dog. MayTa calls
out computer light down 80% the lights go really low. MayTa gently pets his dog and closed his eyes. He start
thinking about whats to come. Before he knows it hes fast asleep.


(OCC ok until deb(Be'Lana returns ill be npcing her)


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