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new kitty on the block

Posted on Fri May 1st, 2020 @ 3:05am by

Tara had just gotten on board the Sanctuary via a beam in from a base station shuttle. She was the new Security Officer aboard a military ship she looked around the area after walking off of the transporter padd. She headed to the corridor of the ship checking things out before
Meeting her chief of Security, and command. Tara had to find out where her quarters were at from the ship's computer, and follow her way there she talked to other crew members to find out about her crew quarters are at, a couple of officers came to help Tara out which she she thought it was nice of them to do so, she thought as she smiled at them both.

Tara Thanked the 2 Officers as she walked into her Quarters, and waved back them back as her quarter's doors shut. Tara looked around her quarters out knowing her place needs to feel like home, so tara put her things down in her duffle bag, and looked her new around to see how she should decorate her new quarters.

Pvt 1st Class Richardson
Security Officer


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