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Its happing

Posted on Tue Aug 18th, 2020 @ 2:07am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

OCC Sorry this late here and being back to work with my condition sucks

(on) MayTa ger out of bed and get dress, He head out to the bridge, he seesa Lt razor going over reports and whos on shore
leave. He goes yp say something but dose not. Soon hes at the air lock. Hes walking to ee the Base Co. He walks
along the prominad. He sees Ashley and Katana shopping. He think at lest I have 2 other accouts He is soon at the,
tudo lift going to Ops. He steps in and there is his old friend. Captain Jeff Bas=jket. Steve he blurta out, Maya looks at him.
Jeffery! I was ob mt way to see your Co. Um he sent me to nake sure everthing is set for your wedding. Well thanks, whats going
on with youe boss. Jeff iooks at him, no worries at thus point, Jeff tells the Cpm[[uter dor deck 12.

Soon they arrive at the huge hall. Jeff looks over what MayTa wanted. Ok we can make it happen MayTa looks who is
offciating over the marrge? Jeff looks Father Carlos Bitoya. MayTa nods nice. Do need to speek with him.Jeff looks,yeah
but not untill before the weeding. MayTa nods 2 hours pass and its all set. MayTa hugs Jeffm thanks bro! He turns and head
out. Jeff um I better tell you now RThat problem the CO has. MayTa stops and looks at him. The last time you said that/
I had hell drop on my head. Jeff looks, Amdassador Tical is here. She arrived yesterday. I dont know any mre than that.
MayGa you guys keep her the Fuc away from me! He turns and heads out..

He is soon standing looking out at then ships coming and going. He cant help thinking. He shakes his head, She better stay away.
he looks down but its not my luck. As he slowlt walks to the air lock decks. He hears his com badge. +Taps+ MayTa here, what is it?
Lt-Tazor +taps+ Um sir Ambassador Tcal is aboard and wants to see you ASAP? MayTa +taps+ Ayr be there ASAP.. He thinks
God must hates me, he let this happen. He slowly walks back to the maine Air lock.



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