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packing troubles into the new office

Posted on Thu Jun 25th, 2020 @ 6:46pm by 1st Lieutenant Robert Razer

after returning to the ship Robert had to quickly pack up all his office belongings to enter his new quarters. the packing was a mess and the abundant of work that awaited him in that office was no easy task either. it seemed like the work just piled on to the mount of data pads and emails that were left in the office.

Robert- i need a secretary. (he said in dismay)

Robert was able to quickly adapt and integrate into the office as he organized the piles to specific piles of importance. those that needed attention right away and stuff that could be held off for a later time. Robert also had a difficult time trying to find his belonging from his office. robert had to try and organize his unpacking quickly as he took things out of boxes.

robert- now were the hell did i leave those security teams "After action reviews" from the mission....

Robert new offices's started off with a room with many piles of work and box's. to a room full of piles to a long last to room where half of the offices was organized with data pads and work from the security section and the other half was the ship operations for the 2nd in command paperwork. robert stood in the middle of the room as his eye twitched... as a thought race a crossed his mind, "i need a secretary." during all the organization he needed to answer a couple of emails and he could hear his computer blowing up with emails and calls.. robert took a deep breath closed his eyes.

Robert- well the work never stops when you hold two position.... hold your horses am coming ...

Robert jumped into his office chair tapping on the computer to answer the call.

Robert- hi hello sorry i know i forgot to send those A.A.R.(After Action Reviews). i just organized my office ill have those out within the hours. just give me a mint to get back to work.

Robert quickly ended the call

Robert- Jarvis set up candidates i need a secretary now please...

Jarvis - yes sir

Robert- i need some one that can handle my work organization and filing. be able to adapt and keep up with all the the work. trust worthy and is not afraid to work long hours.

Jarvis - yes sir i will do a search in the ship personnel catalog and upcoming recruits for candidates.

Robert- what new recruits?

Jarvis- we are Picking up 800 Marines orders came from Colonle MayTa. These new Marines are straight out of Basic Trainning. Ambassador Katar is waiting for your response. and your whole plan for the recruits.

Robert closed his eyes and his hand went stright for his face...

Robert- great ....not Ambassador Katar...

his computer rings " incoming call from "Ambassador Katar"

Robert- speaking of the devil

Ambassador Katar- Lt Robert its great to finaly hear from you. Ive Sent you a emails waiting for a response. i didnt know i also needed to call you to get a response.

Robert- Ambassador Katar its great to hear from you i was about to respond to you. i was just looking over the emails right now to make sure their was no mistakes. since i know you hate grammar mistakes and loath if it is not proper structure. i can assure you that the Colonel Steven MayTa.. and the Uss Sancuary are excited and well repaired to receive the new recruits were are very exited for them. but i hate to short with you ive got a lot of work to do before they get here. am so sorry i gotta go. we can have a meeting when we get their sorry. good bye.

as Robert was speaking he was slowly reaching for the button on his computer to cut off transmission. and ended the transmission before she could response.

Robert- Jarvis i need halo floating boards in my office. ASAP! so i can track everything give me four 10x20in halo boards and task's one board for all categories for missions, one for and ship operation and one for security operations, and lastly my own personal operation.

Jarvis- yes Robert.

Robert- well great its gonna be a long night...


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