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Dream a little Dream come true

Posted on Fri Sep 25th, 2020 @ 4:22pm by 1st Lieutenant Robert Razer

(Personal log)
razor- current

Inter- location the ships hall late at night. the hall was empty as Robert made his way back to his quarters. Robert was lost in his mind but a sudden unease came upon him. Robert felt the hair raise on his neck and is left arm go numb. Robert looks around the hall. Feeling the hallway begun stretching out. He felt suddenly scared looking frantically around. He didn’t know or understand what was going on. He began to run back the way he came from. The hallway seemed to go on forever. He didn’t understand what was going on. As he ran he slaps his communicator

Razor- bridge to Razor “ what the hell is going on ??? I got a anomaly in deck... he was cut off by white noise ...

Robert continued to run down the hall as he could tell there was no end to the hall. Robert stopped running and looked around trying to understand what was happening to himself. He did not like what was going on, he didn’t have any clue when this anomaly started. But the more he tried to understand it the harder it became to remember the how, the why or what he was trying to do. He started to completely become lost. Suddenly he could see a shadow down the endless hall . Robert squinted his eyes trying to get a better look at it. he couldn’t recognized what it could be. But he understood it was getting closer. the hall lights were shutting down. One by one they gave into darkness pure blackness a void that Robert could feel it wanting absorb him. Robert turned as quickly as he could, and began to run as fast as he could. Periodically turning back to see how close it was getting. taking note of how fast it was getting. Faster and faster the lights gave into the darkness Robert running as fast as he could , running for his life , he was scared he was extremely scared. He noticed something in the distance the doors to the elevators.. Robert tried his best to run as fast as he could to reach them. But the faster he ran the closer the shadows were to getting him, Robert hit the elevators doors hard as he push the button with a panic hand. Doors slowly opening he squeezed himself to the slow opening doors and push the button to close them back up. But at that point it was too late the shadows broke through the doors opening. And Robert was thrown back against the wall. with that sudden impact of his body against the wall it broke away like glass.. and he felt his body suddenly floating in pure darkness. No wight no sound all his senses were numb to the void ..then suddenly he felt himself drop.. faster and faster until there was an impact against another glass wall. And Robert was thrown off his bed in his personal quarters, sweating…gasping for air. Robert got up but felt a numbness across his body that he could not handle. He trembled as he looked at his arm and saw goosebumps on his arm. the room was dark and Robert was lost for a moment where he was and who he was. Robert could see the date and time in the digital clock on his wall. Robert thought to himself that he was under too much stress. dismissing his Dream a Dream that Robert didn't understand that would continue to haunt him more and more in the near future. for the shadow of his Dreams will continue to chase him more and more. it would show up more in his dream then Robert would like to admit. a shadow that would hide in plane site in his vivid dreams every night. and Robert would have moments in every dream where he would stare at many different kinds of shadows through out his dreams and get this eerier feeling something was watching him. Robert tried to ignore it as much as he could. trying to find out what these dreams meant to him.


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