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It all starts here

Posted on Thu Mar 4th, 2021 @ 2:39am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: OPs
Timeline: Current


General MayTa steps off the lift and lppls around, he sees razor going over a few things.
He walks to his new office. The doors open and he steps in. The former Co still has not left yet.
Captain You are to be packed and out of her by now. The Captain looks at him from behind the desk.
I have not been formally been relived of duty.
General MayTa walks up, There is no time for formalaties Captain. But if you want one then fine, I hear by
relive you. She stands up looks at him, in a gruff vice I,am relive she storms out. General MayTa
Oh captain He speaks out. She Stops, sir? One last thing you ever cop and attitued like that with me
like that again. I will make you wish you where retired! Do I MAKe MY SLeF CLEAR! The Captain
nds yes sir and walks out.
General MayTa sits down and waits for the stations seinor staff to arrive. He gets a message from Star Fleet
that his CMO has bnew protocal, That if we fall under attack .
they are
een teransfered to Star Fleet medical. but the Good news is that his old CMO
Gabby Sances is replacing him. He smiles. 45 minutes passed and they fie in. General MayTa looks at them. He get up. I,am General MayTa i,am the stations new Co and the Multi Task Force Commanding officer as well.
Just so you know Im going to over hull this station, we will be getting her ready for the days ahead.
What maybe heading our way. War and something nasty as hell. But as the time come you will be told about
SO I want everyone jjumping in and helping to get this baby ready. I want Station security to work with Ships security at all time. Lt. Razor and Mwo Rochanko will be heading up secuirty with new duty rotations and protocals. I want as many teams of enginers around the clock working on the new systems and exspations we have for the station.
The Baoran Xo Major Ninia Sir, with all due respects shouldnt we get permission from the Provisional Goverment.Before we start making changes, General MayTa looks at her, Start Fleet already did and we got the go ahead. Major Please see to it that all Civilans are mad aware of the new protoclas
If we are going to be attacked that they are to evacuate the station. No if ands or buts. That goes fore
the Ferangi running the bar.
He looks at them, dismissed. They file out and Captain Katana walks in with fudgy trotting behind her.
Someone misses his daddy. General MayTa bends down and picks him up. Captain Katana looks at him,
so we living on the station of the ship. General MayTa He will be fine. Captain Katana nods I'll
find us a good size quarters. General MayTa we lost The Doctor. Captain Katana looks at him, really? General MayTa but we are getting back Gabby . Captain Katana smiles Wow shes coming back! I liked her!
General MayTa nods yes she will be here next week.
Captain Katana walks out, General MayTa holding fudgy and looks out the window. I guess this is where it all starts now. He kisses fudgys head. and just looks out the window.



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