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Babies? Twins????? Oh my!!!!

Posted on Wed May 26th, 2021 @ 2:14am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Lieutenant Colonel Katana Rochelle

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Infirmary

Katana finally came around in the infirmary to two beautiful twin girls. Looking to see if Mayta was there, she cursed him for not being there.

"How soon can I get outa here?" she growled.

"Not so fast Captain, you lost a good deal of blood after the babies were born", said Dr. Sances, shaking his head.

"I'm fine now!" Katana said, sitting up and getting dizzy real fast. "Oh…..maybe you're right doc" she said laying back down. "Get me a computer PADD!", she hollered. Scared and shaking, the nurse technician brought her a PADD and ran the other way.

"Now now Captain Katana, don't go scaring my nurses away now ya hear?", Sances said frowning.

Katana looked at the Doctor and growled, "Opening up the computer she called Mayta.

General MayTa Standing there looking at the deligation that just walked into the war room.

"Incase you didn't know it…..I HAD THE BABIES!!" she hollered at him. "You would think you would have been here to see them, but no… had other things taking up your precious time", Katana said lividly, looking at him on the link.

"We have to name them you know", she said softer. Being both girls, I thought maybe Martha and Jenagh. Or maybe Grenda and Legrah," Katana said looking at his tired face as it stared back at her. "When was the last time you slept?" she asked him.

General MayTa looks down, sorry dear I have unexspected company, the Presidental deligation
is here, three weeks early..

"I don't give a damn, you tell them I said that you need to see your wife and new babies and then you need 8 hours of undisturbed sleep! And THAT'S AN ORDER!!!", she growled, hoping he got the message she was conveying.

General MayTa looks at Vice Admerial Chase. You hear the lady! VAdmerial Chace nods,
congrats.. But this takes persident over anythingels.Now please take a seat.
General MayTa looks at them. I'll stand sir.


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