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Posted on Sun Mar 5th, 2023 @ 1:21pm by Lieutenant Roial Bren

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Sickbay | USS Sanctuary

=/.= :: dramatic music ::
=/.= Sickbay, USS Sanctuary

It had been days since Roial had collapsed en route to see the Captain due to issues with his symbiont, and in that time he’d undergone twice as many surgeries. Though they weren’t telling him too terribly much, it was quickly becoming clear that one jarring difference between the SFMC and Starfleet’s general forces was their readiness to take drastic action in order to ensure patient survival, whether the patient agreed with it or not.

With the amount of time he spent there it seemed like Sorvo had basically taken up residence in Sickbay, spending most of his time trying to stay out of the way, learn and memorize basic operational procedures, and simply being present for his friend/father/brother.

While he thought they’d been joking when the conversation first arose: the CMO—a Tellarite named Fytherix—had even gone so far as to offer him junior med tech’s position. With no reason to turn the position down, he immediately began studying the trade.

It had been a particularly productive night for the Sanctuary’s medical staff, and Sorvo’s academic aspirations. Though he had no idea when exactly he lost consciousness, the was startled back to reality by a number of alarms going off all at once—with a desperate inhalation of air reminiscent of a drowning man breaking through the water’s surface Roial’s eyes snapped open as he sat bolt-upright on his bio-bed.

Even a blind man could see that the Trill was confused, disoriented, terrified, and panicking. Frantically he began tearing off every instrument and monitor he could reach before he focused on what seemed to become a much more immediate priority—escape. Sorvo tried calling his name, and even went so far as to shake him by the shoulders, but his attempts to snap his friend/father/brother out of his delirium proved futile. By this time the Tellarite surgeon and another nurse had responded to the commotion, and a moment later the kiss of a hypospray knocked Roial out cold.

Sorvo spent the next few hours assisting the Doctor as they worked to assess and stabilize Royal, his symbiont, and the artificial organ they’d implanted just a few days prior.

Meant to regulate the flow of neurotransmitters and various other chemicals that were shared between Roial and Bren the device worked as a sort of cybornetic symbiont-supplement. To call this procedure experimental would be a gross understatement, as it had gone from conception to implementation in less than a week. It was a delicate fusion of several technologies developed on an equal number of worlds, being programmed in real time.

As Roial’s room cleared out and Sorvo sank back into his reclining chair next to the biobed, he wondered what, exactly, this sudden burst of consciousness meant. Delirious as he may have been: Roial, Bren, or both woke up and were able to manipulate their limbs in response to local stimuli. This time: Sorvo allowed himself to sleep, hoping Roial would be the one to wake him again.

=/.= LtJG Sorvo Bren-Parmenter
Junior Medical Technician, USS Sanctuary
(apb: Roial)