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fairwell old friend

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2023 @ 11:34pm by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: DS9
Timeline: time now

Robert awoke his quarters in his quarter on DS9. The room was dark, there was a heavy ionizing smell in the room. Robert got up and walked towards the window looking out into space. He got a deep empty feeling. More than he was used to looking. He is keeping looking at the empty space in the darkness. He felt something wrong something, something has happened. Razor stood there. Suddenly a buzz went on.
Intercom- Razor?
Razor- here
Intercom- something has happened to Mayta… come quickly into the informatory
Razor- on my way
Turning around quickly to change in the dark Razor knew that this was not good. There was no formality in that message. His steps were long as he rushed to the informatory. The trip from his quarters seemed like a blur he did not bother to look at the people or interact with anyone walking around the promenade. Razer entered the lift that was empty and just opened … the turbo lift took an exceptionally long time in Razor's eyes. As it raised to the informatory razor could not help but feels his heart beating fast. That turbo lift took forever. Is like suddenly the lift was not moving at all. He leaned onto the far wall both hands on the turbo lift wall. And slammed both fists against it. he stood there in silence. The turbo lift opened
Turbo lift- infirmary
Razor walked out of the turbo lift walking down the hall until he got to a single desk that had one crew member writing on her data pad. She notices Razor standing there.

Crew member. How can I help you?
Razor- I am here to see Lieutenant General Steven Mayta.

Crew member- you must wait here the doctors are speaking with him now.
Razor waited… he let others walk in before him and he did not like their reaction as they exited. Robert understood what was happening he could see Klingons gathering in robes. There was not much time left. Someone came out and told him Mayta would like to speak with you.
Razor walks into the room and as he did behind him also walked in were the Klingon.
Mayta- (coughing) Razer! haha, they finally got me. (wheezing)
He said with a big smile as coughed up some blood….
Razor- Mayta you look like shit. well aside from every other time.
Mayta- my only regret is I did not get to rip someone's head off as I lay dying.
Razor- a worrier’s death…. But we had several battles together Mayta. and you will have many more when you leave here…
Mayta- (coughing) yes, I am so close I can see it.
Razor leaned in a bit and grab Mayta's arm bringing it up to their chest
Razor- Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!..
Mayta turned to Razor and smiled
Mayta- I did not know you knew Klingon!?
Razor- you never asked
Mayta began to laugh and cough at the same time.
Mayta- the whole time.
Razor- yes
Mayta- ghay'cha' P'takh
Razor- qamuSHa mean
All Mayta could do was laugh after that…
Mayta- it hurts to laugh! spiting out more blood
Razor- then it is payback…
Mayta grabbed Razor's arm
Mayta- Qapla'!
Razor- Qapla'!
Mayta slowly laid back…razor stood back falling into the shadows as a Klingon began
Razor could not help but feel all his emotions and his anger, all his hate, and all his sadness as the Klingons surrounded his body. And one of them lifted Mayta and stared straight into his eyes he could see him muttering something to him well staring into his eyes as Mayta's life slowly left his body… the Klingon began the death howl razor could not help but cry.

Razor- Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam my good friend!


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