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Arrival Part Razor

Posted on Thu Mar 11th, 2021 @ 11:54am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Varius places
Timeline: current

Hello everyone let me not waste any more of your time. let us begin...


Welcome ladies and gents ...young, happy and old and cranky .. (Maytya) .. to another story of the greatest adventure of the beloved Robert Razor!Razor!... Razor!....... (cue clapping and cheering in the background) yes..yes..thank you ..thank you.. queue bowing

as we last left our hero with general grievous on the planet of Utapau. general grievous was replying to the arival of obi wan. wait sorry wrong story. MayTa has briefed the team on the latest mission. everyone has been assigned their roles and we are now "WE HAVE MADE IT DS9." The crew of the USS Sanctuary has just docked and has begin its transfer of crew members to there new home base. how will the new crew deal with the living in the new base. how many shops and bars are there? can Maytya find a new bar to sing karaoke. all these answers will be answered. just wait and see..see...see..



Robert stood at his security station looking at the scanner sensors of DS9 giving off. Razor was looking up consistently as DS9 became bigger on the front screen of the bridge. Razor could tell from the reading the mass of the station how big it was. but it never held up to actually seeing it with his on two eyes. razor walk over to coms. and began speaking listing to the DS9 captain and boarding commanders coordinating our arrival. after 5 mints of back and fourth the selection was chosen and they were sending docking information to the USS Sanctuary to begin docking with DS9.

Razor- Sir DS9 is ready to receive us. and is giving us the green light to began docking.

Maytya- well then let us began.

USS Sanctuary made it way into one of the many and busy Docking ports Razor has ever seen. slowly making it way into a docking location closes to the DS9 command section.

Robert- a flawless entry and parking job. Captain Katana if I may?

Captain Katana- looking at Razor with a low grumble.

Razor tapping on the buttons on the control panel.

Razor- crew this is 1st Lt Robert Razor, welcome to DS9 as of now the crew of the USS Sanctuary is permitted 1 week of shore leave. congratulations you have earned it. during the meantime you will be getting orders for your new assignments, some of you will stay on the USS Sanctuary congratulation. a mighty fine ship to be on. well, others will find new transfers to other ships. all assignments must be confirmed by the end of the week. if any discrepancy comes up. please don't be afraid to bring them up on the net with your section leaders. lastly, the command team for the USS Sanctuary will be transferring to DS9 and we would like to wish you a great and safe journey on your new headings. as for everyone on the ship we are proud in serving with you. we appreciate everything we have done as a ship. and wish you good fortunes in your carrier and life. and if i may say this from me and the rest of the command team. live long and prosper. Robert out

Captain Katana and general Maytya looked at Razor with mean eyes. but razor understood it was not easy for Klingon to show emotions. so razor shrugged it off to continue working operation for transportation of ships on and off the ship and transportation for all crew members.

Robert heard General MayTa Stand up after giving his speech and captain Katana finished up hers quickly following. they were both ready to leave the ship. Robert had his two assistances behind him making sure Robert was kept up with everything going on. Robert understood he would be in charge to make sure. everything went off without a hitch. following Maytya out the Bridge...



arriving on the Transporter pad just outside of OPS.. General MayTa looks at Razor."Razor make sure DS9 is ready, I'll handle the Captain and XO. you take over OPS and Making sure All Fleet personnel who are to leave, actually leaves!" O'Hair your with me. we are heading to check things
out. General MayTa Steps onto the lift to head down. The lift stops on the proinade. General MayTa steps off.
Is busy with people shopping and whatnot, General MayTa heads to the railing and watches,

Cwo O'Hair- it is busy sir. Its kind of nice to see all this, It remind me of home sir.


(Transporterpad just outside of OPS)

Robert turned to his assistants and was handed a datapad containing the status of all personnel and operation of the USS Sanctuary. Robert turned to his first assistant. please keep monitoring the status of the sanctuary and her crew I want a flawless transfer with her new command. once finalized until then. Her crew and ship are still my responsibility. I wanna make sure all crew members that have requested a transfer are being met. and if anyone comes on the net for anything dealing with that I want it up on the net. with the solution so I can sign off on it ASAP. Robert quickly signed off on the last paperwork for the last command team of the USS Sanctuary. and gave the datapad back to his first assistant. then his second assistant began giving him the data pads the DS9.

Robert- are we meeting DS9 Rep here?

assistant 2- yes sir he will be meeting us very shortly. I gave us a buffer room so you could sign paperwork from the uss sanctuary.

Robert- thank you.

Robert began to read the data pads that were given to him

assistant 2- the first one is ship-wide status and equipment, sections. inventory and systems and programs for DS9. the second one is all the history, demographics for all the types of aliens and creatures and humans. health and diseases that lived on the DS9. and the last one is everything to do with weapons ships defenses and anything to do with attacking and defending DS9. there also strategies and other military read about the station. mission operational areas and AOI. and areas of influence. and how we affect the universe around us. planets and other species so on and so forth.

Robert- perfect thank you very much.. please make sure you make another couple of copies of these. and let's work closely to make sure all objectives are being met. schedule me nightly and morning brief with us three to make sure all general's orders are being met. I will do my best to make sure we keep on track. but I am gonna be heavily reliant on you two. to make sure I stay on track. my priorities for ops is I wanna walkthrough before I start approving anything for those sections. I wanna make sure. nothing funny going on. please help me scan everything...

DS9 rep was walking through the doors.

DS9 Rep- Hello welcome to DS9 you must be LT Razor.

Robert-aww yes. of course pleasure to meet you.

they began shaking hands

DS9 Rep- am Lt Ricker I am here to give you the grand tour and answer all your questions. anywhere you wanna go I will be the rep to take you there. I will plan and make sure everything is set up for your arrival.

Razor- well thank you I do appreciate it. Lt Ricker. now let us begin with command and control. I would love to set up my personal access to base-wide access and controls asap and began working. there is a lot to do and my assistance and I need accesses asap.

command and control

Robert was taken to the top of the central core where DS9 Operations center. Razor walked into the room that was busy with many personnel working. Razor was lead to a panel close to the table at the center of the room. the table was busy with holographs movements. razor had to go through a bunch of confirmations and accesses signing in and finalization. Robert began to access and download protocols from the Uss Sanctuary. in those he also had his digital assistant. Jarvis. once downloaded he would be able to navigate and help razor and his assistance. with everything on DS9. until then they would be busy trying to set up and manage themselves. now that Robert and his assistances were set up they began their tour. in the operations center. then they would be lead to their personal quarters. that night they would be taken to dinner. then that would conclude their first day on DS9.

personal quarters

Robert was surprised how big his personal quarters were. having to live on ships his quarters were always small. but now that they were on starbase things were now completely different. and after today his offices were gonna be in his quarters so he had to get used to that now. Robert did his best to get comfortable but he started writing things down on paper and sticking them to the walls for things he wanted to change about his living situation. he was gonna open things up and change the furniture are for sure. later on he had his meeting with his assistance.

ok, let's begin we got a lot of work to do.. as for the day it went of great without a hitch but our work has just begun. first, let us begin with you, Suzie.

first assistance Suzie- ok starting off with USS Sanctuary all personnel have been accounted for. all those on leave have now left. All transfer paperwork is completed and is que to be sent out by priority and rank. they will be getting them within 2 days. the ship is fully stocked as of yesterday and the DS9 maintenance crew will be working on the ship and working on upgrades for the next crew. all decks will be scanned and walk through to make sure everything is in tip-top order. transfer crews will be sending out personal items for transfer out on the 3rd day out and everything should be done by the end week. then the remaining crew should be getting back from leave. other than that everything is good to go Jarvis will be finishing up all movement by end of the week and storing his memory files of the ship on DS9 data banks. engineers will be the first ones back so as to test out and work on any system checks before the rest of the crew is back.

Robert- ok thank you for that everything looks good. please make sure we have all paperwork to transfer to the new command ready and done for them. so we don't have to do anything extra later on. ok then Becky what's going on with DS9?

assistant 2 Becky- as for DS9. currently, everyone has made it on the DS9 from the Sanctuary. we currently are still adjustings and accessing all systems we need to get on. so currently there still processing time needed for that. all command teams are going through their tours and meet and greets. as soon as Jarvis is ready we will continue to the next phase of the plan.

Robert- ok good thank you for the update. ok as for my feedback. awesome job you two. you're doing great. keep up the great work. i have nothing else to include that you two don't already know. now I will be exercising in the morning running the starbase if you like to join me. if not the morning is yours and would see you at the first event of the day.

lastly, I would like to bring up brain implants. cybernetics for myself and possibly the two of you. of course the choice is yours. but with now having to command a starbase we will need all the edge we can get. and I believe this is the only way without going crazy. and plus with Jarvis, I believe that we can use him to his full capacity.

Becky- wouldn't that completely change us?

Robert- what ive read no it would not. it does help us process information quicker and analyze better with programs installed. but with Jarvis, I believe once done we can get it on a close system and be able to run it internally. all your memories and personality will be the same. the only way to change would be if you let it change you. but of course, you do not have to answer me now. but I am serious about myself. so once things settle down here a bit please make some time for myself. and if you two would like it to go ahead and make a schedule for your selves as well. but other than that I will see you guys in the morning for anything business-related. now... if any would like a 2000 century alcoholic drink. as for a nightcap. then please how can I serve you. if not whisky it is.. on the rocks and maybe a chaser for any of you two as a celebration.

the next morning Razor awoke early and had himself a run. starting from the highest decks and running around the starbase levels. level by level deck by deck. Robert had a GPs device on his wrist to help him navigate the levels and help him get back to his personal quarters. and of course he couldn't do too many levels because of the size of the starbase. but if he started from the top and made his way down he would get it done in do time.

Robert got back to his quarters with enough time to change and eat something quick before his assistance were at the door ready to start off the busy days ahead of Razor. the first real day in DS9 and all its glory. was Robert prepared for it no one knew. well, let's see what happens next....


ok yall that what I got, for now, ... sorry for the wait


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