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Posted on Sun Feb 21st, 2021 @ 5:17pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Varius places
Timeline: current

Occ::: Sorry its late Rl sucks anyways lets kick in crew


General MayTa sitting in his seat on the bridge.. Cow O'hair looks back, sire arriving at DS9
minutes. Gernal MayTa looks up nice James. Razor contact Captain Jones, let her know, are soom
as we arrive she is relived. Is the USS Cazzy Horse here yet. Lt/ Razor check his scans. Yes sir
she is docked on upper pilon 3 sir.. General MayTa stands good. Lt. Razor sir Captain Jones said
she would like to see you, as soon as you can. General Mayata eyes him. Razor no respononce.

Captain Katana He=elm hold us off DS9 20,000 Meters. Cwo O'Hair aye sir. He brings it into
Station keeping. Sir we are static and holding. Gernal MayTa looks up, Lt Razor Only enginering Crew on DS9 at this point int time Cmo Terell Walks on to the bride with a odd look. Sir DS9 Medical well be
ready to receive wounded sir, He sets down His report next to Razor. Terrel looks around and and smiles
and heads back out. General MayTa looks around like WTF. Gernal MayTa make a note to speak to him.
Just them a report come to his attention about DS9. Her makes face,LT Razor walks up, sir hands
General MayTa the padd. General MayTa looks at Razor, Razor you have a bit of a problem. Lt. Razor
look at the report. We have no Arpid Torpedo Launchers or Temporel Phasers installed yet.
Lt. Razor sir i made that request long before we started. Making out way here. Gernal MayTa we are
going to need them.

Gernal MayTa Katana you have the bridge , O'Hair Razor your with me. all Officers with use Transporter
Rooms 1-3 untill further noticed. The make there ways to transporter room 1. The reach the transporter room. Genral MayTa steps on to the padd and looks at O'Hair and Lt. Razor steps on as well. General MayTa
chief energize. The Chief hits the buttons and they are transported.


THey arrive on the Transporter padd just out side of OPS. Lt,!Razor goes to get on th e lift up. General MayTa
looks. Razor head make sure DS9 is ready, I'll handle the Captain and XO. you take over OPS and Making
sure All Star Fleet personel who are to leave leaves! O'Hair your wisth me. we are heading to check things
out. General MayTa Steps onto the lift to head down. The lift stops on the proinade. Gernale MayTa steps off.
Is busy with people shopping and what not, General MayTa heads to the railing and watches,
Cwo O'Hair it is busy sir. Its kind of nice to see all this, It remind me of home sir.

General MayTa is going to slow down to a trickle or stop all togeather, Make a note James to make sure Civilans of evacuated off 4 days before shit hits the fan. The walks on checking things out, A short time
later the stop by, the Constables office. General MayTa walks in and sees a Bajoran Officer. The Captain
looks up. I'am Captain Ja'vor DS9s Constiable. General MayTa looks him over, I'am the new Base CO.
Constable Ja'vor , I as just stopping by to meet you, Captain Ja'Vor i was told I would not meet you, untill
the change of command ceremony. General MayTa there is change of command ceremony. I have taken
over as soon as I arrived.

Time have passed and O'Hair and General MayTa are looking out at the Sanctuary. Cwo O'hair looks at
his CO. Sir I hope this is not out permiante home sir. General MayTa with out looking. For a little awail.
I suggest you get with Razor and his team, and find out who wants to live aboard the station and wh,
wants to stay aboard ship. Cwo O'Hair wonders off. General MayTa watches the Worm hold open
and close.



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