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Dasy before the wedding

Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2020 @ 1:58pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Location: Mayas Quarters
Timeline: crrnent

OCC Ok starting us off lets have fun

MayTas Quarters

Captain Katans on the bridge tending to her duties the ship is 3 days away from SB Raven.

MayTa sitting at his computer fudgy is at his feet lie always. He writes message to Csptsin Kin his,old
Xo. "Message" Hey Kin I know you are having fun with your new post. As Co of Star base Raven.
I know that commanding a Star Base was not your first choise. But Co's can be chosey. Here a though that
you will get a kick out of. I know Captain Fraks will. What would you say about performing my wedding
cerimony? Yeah I know its about time! Well Its true Captain Katana and I are tieing the knot. I would like you
You to do it I cant think of anyone better, and if you dont mine ask ask the Kid. IF he would be my best man?
Any was we arrive in 3 days, so it give you time to get things ready. Anyhow let me know if you need anything,
Oh I have not told your nices yet, but im sure Lazerus or Keno well someone has told them by now, So Ions
I thought it would be you or Fraks getting married not me. So ill let you go know your busy,
"MayTa shuts of the computer"

He looks down at Fudgy, looks like your going to have a mommy in 4 days. I gues you can me the ring bear.
"The door chimes: MayTa looks up, Come in. Ashly and Lazerus walks in. Ashley rushes up,! About time dad?
I already to Kelly and Kijie and they are on their esy to Star Base Raven. MayTa gives an odd look. News travile
fastl Besides arnt you on duty today. MayTa looks at Ashley. Nope I traided with Andel so I can spend time with
you. MayTa looks at Lazerus. Lazerus Katana gave me the day off too. MayTa shakes his head, so you two are
going to bug me all day? Lazerus yep we are going to help you plan for the big day. MayTa I should have figured
as much? Lazerus Yep and your batchlor pary is tonight at 1800 10 Forward.. Ashley smiles yeah wee are going to
roast you. The aall you guys can have fun.
MayTa Oh GOD Hell NO! Lazerus yes sir when is it do we get to Trash you, with out getting into trouble/ MayTa
Laughs. True! Ok Ok you guys win.. Ashley sitting on the floor playying with fudgy. LAzerus looks at a padd, well it looks
everyones going to be at or watching the Roast, and all of the original Seinor staff Males will be at the party. MayTa
sits back eyeing Lazerus. Ok! Ashley looks up, later Katana and I are going to start setting up the decoration lay out
\and the food. I think you guys need to go to RIsa . Since we are on down time at Raven? MayTa looks at Ashley



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