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The Cure

Posted on Sat Jun 20th, 2020 @ 10:47am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: variouse areas
Timeline: current

OCC this is going to be a long on taking place inmany areas


Col-MayTa walking in, Sgt Davd let Lt.Razor and his teams know, we are sending down Tent modules. He needs
to start sperating. The sick from the healthy and to place all the none infected in the tents. Also a cure is on its way.
from Star Fleet. Once here he and the CMO will start disdributing it out, He walks down to his seat, and looks at Captain Katana.
I'm either goig t kill the Doctor or im going to shit kick him out and air lock. Captan Katana stops and looks at MayTa, Hes over
steping his bunds again. Col-MayTa looks up, thats an understatment.He sends word to Captain IOns to pack up and head home.
He checks on a few other things,, Col-MayTa looks back at Tactical any thing from Sky God? Sgt, David checks no sir. Col-MayTa
Goes back reading padds and reports.

Planet (Razors Command Tent)

Lt. Razor just finishg lunch he gets the message. He nods grate now they find a dan cure. He walks out Staff Sergant Kil we are exspcting
Tent Modulers! Get them set up and once thats done. Start moving the non infected into the tent city. We have a cure coming soon. Dont
want any cross contaminations. He sens word hes got the message and heads into the main part of the city. He heads to the main complex
Mister Fog can I have a moment sir? Lt, Razor yells out. Mr.fog stops and turns Yes Razor im very busy today, Lt Razor sit just want to let
you know. We are going to set up a tenr city of the east side of the city itr self. Its going to be used for non infected,. There is a cure comig from Star Fleet . It should be here by the morining. Mr, Fog thats grate thanks.He turns and just walks away. Lt.Razor standing there, thats odd he thinks to himself. He heads to help setting up the tents..

Marine Detachment.

Captain Ions sitting in a seat inside of the main drop ship. Hes eating a ration meal. Lt.Hall walks in, sensor reports sir. Captain IIons are we clear> Lt. Hall; for now,I do not think we are going to see any signs oF The Tharians. if we where going to. they would have shpwn by now
The consol beeps.Captain Ions looks over at it, A message from the Sanc/. He reads it, wel damn we are orered home. Lt. Hall wtf,, aye I;ll
call the boys back and we can leave. Lt.Hall walks out yelling for every Marine tp gather their shit qnd get aboard the drop ship.

"" time passes it now 1800 hourd\s (6pm) The Marines are just now ;landing in the drop bays. and The message with Cure is now
just coming and Doctor Fyth is starting to get things going and synthizing the vacsein and it shpould be ready by 0800in the morining.

Col-MayTa stands up and looks around, Dyson you have the bride. Going to eat dinner . Ill be back at 9 tp relive you. Captain Katana
Looks at MayTa.. Dinner? I'll fix A steak for you. Col-MayTa that will be fine. As of now your off duty. He lppks at Lt Dyson its your boat.
Col-MayTa walks off down the hall to the back. He reaches the door. Captain Katana you think the cure will ork? Col-MayTa God
willing yes.. They walk in and fudgt runs up barking happly. Captain Katana takes off her jacket and starts dinner. Col=MauTa picks up
Fudgy and sits on the couch..

Fighterws Patrols

Sky God watching his senprs and tryong not getting boarf. Flip Switch just stairning off onto space. Fre Fly tryinh not to make a mess eating
his ration. Back lash recalibrating his sensors. Its preity much dead on their watch. The Romulans have polled out and left.


Doctor Fyth pouring over the dtata Star Fleet has sent and he as his teams working away on te cure.

9pm things threw out the ship is very quiet exept Medical

Col-MayTa walking on to the bridge, he looks around. +taps+ Doctor Fyth we need that cure down on the planet by 8 am. Let
me know when its done, (Medical) Doctor Fyth looking up +taps+ aye Sir! He looks around what the hell doswe he think we are doing? Playing titaly winks?Lets go people I want this stuff ready by 05:30!

Col-MayTa looks at Lt. Ricko you have the Bridge I'll be in my ready room. Night Dyson! Lt. Dyson gets up aye sir. He heads out. Col-MayTa
walks into his Ready room. He sits down and goes over the roster for the 800 replacment Crew. That they are to pick up at New Raven Star Base. Hours pass and iits now 1200 hours, He gets up and walks out. RIcko im heading to Medical to check on things,

Col-MayTa walks to the Turbo lift and gets in, Soon The colonle finds himself walkng on the long coridor of the primary Medical bay.
He stands at the door watching Fyth and his teams workng away.. He walks in, Report doctor? Doctor Fyth turns aound and a billowing
smoke cloud surrounds his head, Col-MayTay you know that stuff is going to kill you one day. Doctor Fyths no it wound sir, we are 45%
complet. We should be finished and sending it all down by 7am sir, Col-MayTa nods, I want you down there helping Razor. Ammistering
the cure. Once you all are done, leave what you have left for. Their Medical staff and gt the hell home! Doctor Fyth nodding aye sir.
Col-MayTa turns and walks out, He makes his way to 10-Forward for some reason,


He walks in and it all seems quiet, he walks behind the bar. He grabs a bottle of water and sits by a view port looking out, Its now 3 am.
He sits there and thinks about the past and what happen on their last mission Even to this day it still huants him.Lt, Keno walks in
with Lt, Lazerus. They walk up, so boss brinking alone again? Keno sits down and Lazerus snags a bottle of Romulan ale for them.
And a bottle of Andortian whisky for MayTa. Lazerus sits down and pours their drinks. So you still contiplating what happen. On our
last mission Boss, LAzerus asked? Col-MayTa takes his whisky and looks at him, Yep! still dont know hwy they made me the exscape goat?
Keno nods, at lest the could have let you ,keep your rank as General. They talk till 0600. Col-MayTa gets up im heading back to the bridge,
Lazerus nods, yeah we need to get some sleep sir, night They get up and all head out.


Captain Katana walking onto the bridge with a little brown tag along on her heals. Col-MayTa steps off the turbo lift,, He walks up toKatans. Morining dear he looks around. Right now with in an hour Doctor Fyth will be taking down the cure, He will be helping Razor get it out.
Once thats dont eveyone comes home. Once the fighters are on board and things secure. Kat get us to Star Base Raven. IM going
to bed, if you need me wake me? Captain Katana it seems rutien we got this love. Get some sleep, Col-MayTa heads to his quarters
and the little brown tag along is not trying to jump on his daddy, He bend down and picks up fudgy, He makes his way to the quarters.


Col-MayTa walks in and puts fudgy down and fixes break fast. I hope we dont do to more of theys type of mission Fudgy. Fudgy
sitting by his daddys chiar looking up as to say me hungry.. For some reason MayTa cant eat. he purs down the plates of eggs
Fudgt starts eating. MayTa goes and changes,


Doctory Fyth ok its 0630 and we are DONE! lets start getting these thinks down to the planet! +Com+ doctor Fyth to bridge we are done and
will be taking all of it down. (Bridge) Captain Katana +coom+ Aye Doctor Ill let Razor know Doctor Fyth heading to the medical transporter
room and steps onto a padd. Transport now He shimmers out with the first batch of the cure.

(Base camp planet)

Lt. Razon half awake standing at the beam in site, Doctor Fyth sees him, well wake the hell up! Lets start aministraing these shots . More
are on the way. Lt. Razors teams jump into action, along with Fyths teams. It seems like hours and things are going. Very good. Lt. Razor
walks up to the Doctor, shots are working! No negative reactions and everyone seems to be responding well. Dcotor Fyth yes they are. But we need to hang a bit longer just incase, Lt. Razor we are to let the Colonies medical teams take it from here? Dcotory Fyth turne., but if someting goes wrong do we want to come back? Lt. Rzor ok 1 more hour then we are history? doctor Fyth agreed!

The Colonies medical teams are finishing the shots , as razor and Fytjss teams stick around. An hor has passed and Lt. Razor yells
police your shit and kets get the helll home. Teams start breaking down tens and equipment. Doctor Fyths team head up as the last of Lt, Razors teams leaves on the drop ships,


Captain Katana wached reports as eveyone os back abaord +com+ Sky God get your fighters home! Lt. Ress once the fighters are secured,
set heading for 456,5 mk 45,3 Star Base Raven.. Lt, Ress aye sir he sets the course.



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