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She's Gone!

Posted on Wed Apr 29th, 2020 @ 5:36pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Sergeant Jackie Anderson

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Various places
Timeline: Current

Col-MayTa stepping into the Turbo lift. Maine Hanger bay. The Turbo lift start to move. He stands
there thinking. The doors open and he steps out. It seems that everything is ok. Cwo-Asher (Sky God)
walks up. Colonel I figured you be showing up here. MayTa smiles lets take a walk and ou cad bring me
up to speed down here. Cwo ASher and the Colonel walk the Bays and hanger bays, going over the

Col-MayTa still in a haze

(Medical Surgiical bay 1)

Cmo Gabby Sancez and working hard to stop the Obsipcal lob and Primsipical lob
from hemerging. Mean wail EMH (emergancy Holo Doctor ED) Is working.on trying to
stop.. The Bleeding in the chest cavaty. Nurse Jackie is assisting them.

The mode in tens and yet everyone trying not to panic over how bad Be;lanas injuries are.

Doc-Gabby looking at the monitor, damn her nurla synapisis are falling, Jackie 20 ccs of Nuroxolien.
Jackie grabs the hypo and aminsters the Drug. Doc Cmo Gabby eyes the monitor, Good they are rising.
eD how you doing over there. EMH Ed trying like hell to stop the bleeding, but he colses one. Wound
another opend. Be;lanas hart and respatory systems are beyond normal Stress levele. Ed with out looking.
ED looks over, Not so good having problems closing. He wounds close on and another starts bleeding

For a Hologram EMH Ed s becoming balffaled by the problems.

EMH Ed check here Chemical levels and for toxins. DAMN shes checks out. Cmo Gabby you want to
switch? Emh Ed no I got this. Few minutes goes by and Gabby Skreeks, NO! NO! she see. Be'lanas
Nural synapsies stads failing fast. IM losing her! Jackie 60 ccs Nurpathorin. Jackie snags they Hypo.
andgives it to Be'lana quickly. Cmo Gabby sees the lobes on the screen hdmorage. She swings over,
the crainale Sugical unit. She tries to sope the bleeding in doth lobes. as the lobes try to close blood
comes out faster. I CANT CLOSE THEM!. She starts cry but stops. With in minutes Captain Be'lana
codes. The bay ges very quiet, the only thing heard is the. Is the sound of the flat line going beeeeeeppppp!

EMH Ed looks at the clock, im callin it. Death took place at 15:00 Hours. Let it be known that Captain
Be'lanas death was caused by major trama to her brain and chest. woundes we un mendibal. Nurse Jackie
do you want me to te the CO? Cmo taking off her surgical gown. No I'll do it, help Ed with everythingels.

The mode went from Ok we got this to OMG!

Cmo Gabby walks out and takes a breath.+com+ CMO Gabby MayTs whats your location. (Hanger bay 2)
Col-MayTa stops +taps+ Hanger bay 2 Gabby what do you need? Cmo Gabby +com+ Im on my way wait
for me please. Gabby walks out slowly to the turbo lifts. Col-MayTa looks at Asher +taps+ Ok Gabby

Col-MayTa just went really bad to worse.

Lt. Aasher sees the pain, Steve you ok boss?He just looks and turns and heads to the turbo lift. Lt. Asher
Follow very consern aout his Co and Close Friend. Moments later Cmo Gabby steps out. Asher can we
use you office, don't wang any one to hear. Lt. Asher Sure come on. Col-MayTa speaks out, No Just tells
me. Cmo ok Gabby takes a breath , Steve we lost Be'lana she coded at 15:00 hrs. Col-MayTa looks at
he, he injuries? Cmo Gabby yes they where way worse that first thought. We would close on another one
we closed ripped open. Her nural and respatory system could not handle the stress. Col-MayTa lowers his.

Lt. Asher and Gabby start to cry, Not just for Be'lana but for Their Driend Their Commanding officer \and
the loss of other crew members who died.

Cmo Holds Col-MayTa and she thinks as hes strokes the back of his head. This ship is our tombs, but
is a place of safety and Protection of other. Lt. Asher sir if you , want I'll handle the funeral arrangments,
Col-MayTa holding Gabby, It will be a viewing, He family wants her, body if anything hapend to her.
Col-MayTa i'll be in her quarters packing things up. Cmo I'll go with you steve.
All three heading back to the bridge.

As they walk the decks every crew member new and old step a side and line whe hall on both side.
To show respect for Col-MayTa but know what is face showing a loss of an Command staff.


Col-MayTa steps out first and then Asher and Gabby, He walks down to he Xos. Chair and puts his hands
on it. Lt, Keno and Lt Dyson as swell Lt. Kathy and Lt. Cyinthia. Standing a their post knowing what Just
happend. Their face gose blank. Cmo Gabby do you wan t me to announce it sir. Col-MayTa no, He presses
the com button.+Com+ with a shakey voice, Now hear this, Now hear this. (clear his throat) This is your
Co Colonel MayTa, at 15;00 hours today we have a grate loss. Captain Be'Lana has passed away. (everyone
cab hear his pain in his voice. We will have a memorial service after we complet our mission. Please
see Lt. Asher for details,. He nods to Sgt, David at tactical. The Amazing Grace done by Scottish Bag pipes.\
Plays threw ouf the ship. Col-MayTa speaks ALL THOSE! PRESENT ARMS. Everyone gives a salute till the
song is done playing. The Song stops after 3 minutes,Col-MayTa Speaks out again, Order Arms! Everyone
drops their salutes and returns to work.

The ship is in a sand sad funk.

Col.MayTa heads off to Be'lana's quarters, He steps in and looks around. She really did'nt unpack everything.
Cmo gabby this should be quick Steve. She starts gathering things and packing them. Col-MayTa slowly wonders around. He looks at some pictures, he comes up to one. Its a standard fleet picture, Hes just
standing in her room by her bed on the right side. He picks it up, there is a gold hart around him in the
picture. As he looks closer there is a caption at the bottom. One day I will earn his respect and his trust,
but most of all his love.

Col-MayTa thoughts and feelings go blank and he dose not know how to think or feel.

Cmo Gabby walks up, Steve I'm done I'll have some crew members take them to storage. She looks
at him. you going to be ok? Col-MayTa thinks so. She kisses him on his cheek, Hope so big brother?
She walks out. Col-MayTa walks out with picture to his Qurters. Fudgy runs up happy to see his daddy.
He bends over and picks him up. He walks to a shelf on the wall. He places the pictures and then he
goes and sits on the couch. He looks at fudgy as he start to licking trying to make,his daddy happy.
Col-MayTa sets Fudgy to the side and leans over. With his hands over his face he stars crying uncontrolably.
Fudgy manages to put is head on MayTas right thigh and lays there with a sad look on his face.

*END* (Occ we will have the memorial service at the beginning of the next mission Deb I hope tou liked
it and I hope everyone did as well! Get those logs in AT This point in time if your going to be late getting it
in. Let me know ASAP I give a Standard week to get it in Saturday to Sunday. seee you guys around.)


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