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Are really ready?

Posted on Tue Apr 7th, 2020 @ 2:20pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa


Col.MayTa looking around the ready room, he walks out onto the bridge. He stands there watching
everyone. He wonders around the bridge checking on everyone. He Stands next to Captain Be'lana and
Lt. Dyson and Gunny Dickerson. He listens to the talk about getting whats most important. Of all the
gear and supplies to get onboard. He thinks are we really read, just like last time one thiered of the
crew is 3 and 4 year cadets doing their hands on training.
He wonders off to the Turbo lift and makes his way to Medical (Sickbay). Few moments later he's stepping
off the Turbo Lift. He's watching both EMH and Doctor Sances barking orders. He wonders in to the maine
Sickbay. He nods to Nurse Jackie trying not to pull her hair out. He stands and watches for about 15 minutes.
Col.MayTa heads out and checks on some of the cargo bays.He still cant help thinking . Are they ready for
a mission like this. He turns and slowly heads out, before he knows it He's standing on the primary
engineering deck. Lt. Lazerus pats him on the back, sir we are ready Sir. Lt. Lazerus heads of to the lower
deck. He wonders around and sees,Chief Katan and shes is handles everything perfectly. He sighs and turns
and heads back to the bridge. On his way back he stops off in 10-Forwards. He looks arounds as he walks in,
There is no one there. So he walks to a window and just looks out into space. He saids a prayer to himself.



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