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A loss of words

Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2021 @ 1:56am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

::OCC:: Ok we are 10 hours way from docking at DS9 Terle please start getting ready forLocation
injured. Please follow the story line no deviations!

Location: General MayTas quarters and he is off duty.

MayTa standing at the Replicator getting Fudgy's lunch. He looks down ok one moment big boy.
He gets Fudgy's lunch and sets it on the floor. He goes and sits down at his desk, he just looks over
the picture's he saved.

Time passes about 1 hour and Captain Katana walks in for lunch.

Captain Katana walks over and kissed MayTa just as he shuts off the computer. Captain Katana
so what are you looking at dear? MayTa wants to tell her, but can't he really wants to. He grabs her
hand and holds it. Nothing just going over my orders.
Captain Kaktan nods and walks over to the replicator and gets he usual. Cheese burger and walful
fries. She gets it and sits down, are you going to eat. MayTa looks at her. No I already eaten.Even tho
he has not eaten in 36 hours.
Captain Katana looks at MayTa and knows something is worrying him deeply. SO you going to tell me.
What's eating at you? MayTa looks at her, eating at me? I'am fine dear, ge gets up and walks over to
bar and fixes a Sadurian whisky.

30 minutes passes

Captain Katana finished her lunch, get take her plate to the replicator and then knees down.
To love on he four legged son. Cwo Rochanko contacts the General. +com+ Cwo Rochanko
Exscuse me sir, the Uss Ohio and the Uss Onyx are pulling along side us. Captain Kaloa and Captain
Ferdain. Captain Katana looks up, why are 2 heavy temporal war class ships. joining us? Both of those
ships are Alfa Fleet? MayTa +taps+ Acknowlaged, let he Captains know I will be speaking with then
, once we reached DS9? +com_ Cwo Rochanko yes sir!
Captain Katana stands up slowly, Now will you tell me what the hell is going on? She looked him a stern.
MayTa looks at her, I will tell you soon dear, but for now trust me please! MayTa take a breath and fights
telling her. But what's about to come or to happen scares the living shit out of him. But for now this is
the only way he can protect everyone for now,
Captain Katana walks up and hugs him from behind, I do no matter what I will live and die by your side.
she kisses his neck and inhales his scent. You smell the same way I first caught your sent. Even today it
still gets me all mushy and warm. She lets go and heads to the bridge. As she walks out, fudgy is pawing to
be picked up. MayTa picks up his big boy and holds him tight and a tear falls on Fudgy's head.
I love you Fudgy I prey nothing happens. I can not take losing anymore Crew members. I lost way to
many a year ago stopping something like this before. (This story was from my days in IDF story The lost)
He walks over to the window and looks at the USS Onyx..



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