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klingon songs for your heart

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 @ 12:09am by Captain Robert Razer

As Razor was getting off shift he decided to go get a drink before bed. But what he didn't realize was on this night on u..s...s... Sanctuary that is was karaoke night.. Robert walks into the bar as normal and sat down ordered a whiskey on the rocks. Quietly thinking to himself.. he heard the music started playing.. it sounded familiar but he did pay it much mind. But suddenly he started to realize there was something off about it.. he knew the song but the lyrics were off.. or maybe just different... razor turn to see who was on the stage.. then it suddenly hit him...he knows the song.... but what song could it be you may ask.

Well ill tell you

Robert sighted ... left the bar.

soon after Robert found himself walking by conveniently in future days grabbing a quick drink and listening to whatever new song came out of a Klingon mouth. he was intrigued if he could figure out the song. trying to figure out if there were human songs recreated. It became a habit it was something Robert did to learn more about Klingon and their cultures and habits.


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