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Off Duty, and in her quarters

Posted on Tue Dec 1st, 2020 @ 4:07am by

Tara had just got off duty and boy was she ever tired, Razor really worked her out. Sher then took off her uniform and sheaked her fur,and put the hot
water going and made a steam room in her bathroom she needed to relax before putting on her PJ's for the evening. she kept relaxing in the heat that she decided to hop her furry self and got in the shower to get her furry self wet ,and bathe she enjoyed it a lot the heat,and hot water to relax her furryiness.
She didn't have a lot of fur do to the fact that shes half Caitian/human. So the whole nite she spent in the shower before getting out,and putting her PJ's
and going to bed.

Pvt 1rst Class Tara R'honn-richardson
Security officer


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