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242006.xx || The Meeting

Posted on Thu Jun 11th, 2020 @ 7:22am by Lieutenant Fytherix & Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Conference Room, USS Sanctuary

=/\= Bridge

“... because that would defeat the purpose of calling the meeting in the first damn place,” Fytherix huffed through a cloud of smoke. “Just tap your badge and tell 'em all to get to the conference room or call in with the holograms.”

Col-MayTa eyed him and thought {{Who he hell does he think he is?}} and made a face. “Doctor, you're walking a thin line here. Watch your attitude!”

A week had passed, and progress had been made; the good Doctor was not going to summarize it to each senior officer on the staff individually. On top of that: everyone had to be re-tested for the disease anyway; better to knock it out all at once. He didn't want to single anyone out, but certain species had the potential to create mutations, thereby creating a brand new strain which would require resequencing any vaccine he'd created.

Col-MayTa waited to hear what the doctor had to say while taking a sip of his tea.

“Watch this:” Fyth continued as he tapped his COMM badge. “This is the Doctor. Senior officers to the conference room in five minutes. For those of you on the planet, use your holo-communicators. Attendance is mandatory. Fytherix out.” He turned back to the Colonel with a raised brow and a smirk. “After you...”

Col-MayTa made a face once again, as he slowly stood up. “Doctor: I'm only going to say this once: while it's good that you
have made progress, your attitude SUCKS! You first asked me to contact everyone, then you did it yourself.” He eyed him “This is my ship, and there are PROTOCOLS to follow and rules to be kept in mind. At this point, you've crossed the line, mister. Remember your place and watch how you act and talk to me!”

MayTa moved closer. “If you act like you run this ship again, I will rip the 3rd Officer position from you, then shit-kick and you and your attitude out and AIR LOCK! And, once again: good job on a breakthrough, Doctor.”

Col-Colonel MayTa walked back to his seat, then looked down to grab his cup and take a sip. He looks up at the CMO and eyed him with a stare that would send a deathly cold chill down a Gorons back. “I'm serious, Doc: watch your attitude and how you speak to me. Do it again and I will literally shit-kick you out an airlock.” With that, he sat down to wait.

Fyth took a long drag of his cigarette as he considered what had just transpired. The Colonel was right, it was grossly inappropriate for him to take out his frustration with the overall situation regarding the colony on other officers. He had been warned, after all. Still, while the Tellarite in him wanted to snap back with a biting retort, his training forced him to hold his tongue. He decided that his best bet would be to get away from the Colonel for a few minutes. “Understood, sir,” he replied with forced formality. “With your permission I'll see you in the conference room.”

Col-MayTa took another sip of his tea. “Permission granted, Doctor,. I'll see you in the Observation Lounge. He looks
at a PADD and began reading a report from Lt.Razor.

Fyth turned on his heel and stalked off the Bridge, smoking his cigarette at the pace of a coal-powered locomotive. The trail of smoke behind him was similar in appearance to a cloudy line leading from the Captain's seat to the doors he passed through to enter the Lounge. Once it closed behind him (and quite possibly a second before), he pulled his flask from the pocket of his lab coat and took a hearty sip.

He was well aware of how different cultures perceived his species, but this had been the first time in a long very long time that he'd been confronted about it. On the one hand: now that the issue of his demeanor had been discussed future engagements with the CO would reflect that. He could hold his tongue when addressing the Command Team—two of the three were fucking. Anything he said or did could end up being something they spoke about in the privacy of their quarters over a nice dinner. The last thing he wanted was to be was the guy they were just waiting to fire.

Then again, the Doctor appreciated a 'spirited' discussion about almost anything, and while (in his opinion) the Colonel chose to use rank and title as his starting point, the two of them would most likely have a number of exciting conversations, and that was something he looked forward to.

It was the sound of the doors opening behind him that caused him to break his staring contest with the void and stars therein...

=/\= Colonel Steven MayTa
Commanding Officer, USS Sanctuary

=/\= Doctor Fytherix
Chief Medical Officer, USS Sanctuary


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