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Fight everything

Posted on Sat May 30th, 2020 @ 2:56pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: variuse
Timeline: Current

(OCC sorry tis is late dealing with pain and my olde sister just found out she has cancer Also this log is Audlut rated
lots of profanity like Marine Cos normaly act out)


Col.MayTa walking out of Medical Got to do what the CMO tells me to do. +taps+ CO to XO? Where
are you at? Katana in ther quarters playing with Fudgy.+Taps+ I'am in out quarters playing with the
pupp? Col-MayTa +Taps+ On my way.

Mean wail Sky God and his Figters are holding tight.

Sky God looking over his sensors, Man I just hope the Thairains are not here. Tell you the truth im not ready.
As he mutters to himself. Flip Switch Huming a tune as we watches his senors, "Not much going on at this
point as it seen to be? NOT!" Suddenly all fighters on Sky Gods Side sounds out Cwo Asher (Sky God) Jerks
baci. +com+ Sky God to Flight Heads up Contact 324.4 mk 2! Fire Fly Rodger that Contact, Picking up 2 Romulan
Ships. Flair +Com+ Clear readings, One Support and on Medical sir. Sky God nods +Com+ Romu;an Ships
please stops your are about to enter Quarentien Zone.

Like normal the Romulans take thier time to answer

Sky God +com+ Sky God yto Sanctuary we have Gust 2 Romulan Ships One Medical and one support?
(Sanctuary ) +com+ This is Lt. Keno Hold them off till we can check on this CO is walking onto the bridge now.
Sky God +com+ Aye! he sees the 2 Romulan ships slow down and stop, (Sanctuary) Col-MayTa walks on to the
brdge. Lt. Keno sir we have a situation? Col-MayTa stops, what the Fuck now. he walks over to Tatcical.
He looks God Damn it, this is the last thing I fucking need, He walks down Hail them. Sgt. Davids aye Channle
open sir. This is Col-MayTa Co of the Sanctuary how can I help you. A Slightly older looking Romulan
looking back at him. I'am Admiral Talek of the Romulan Medicall ship Raserir. We are here to help, by the
request of you Star Fleet Command. Col-MayTa i'am not awair of this, Please stay out side of the Quarentien
Zone I need to check on this.

(The two Star Fleet ships the USS Raiden and the USS Horizon just come out of warp and is 19 minutes

Sgt. Davids Sir out support ships are here and will be in orbit on 19 minutes. Col-MayTa good let Lt. Razor know
they are here and Contact Star Fleet about our guest. Something tells me. If its not the Tharians It may have
just been the Romulans that caused all this. Sgt. Davids sens a message to Lt. Razor about our support ship.
The he contact Star Fleet Command. Minutes later a message comes in saying yes the Romulans are here to help.
Col-MayTa sees the message, Open the Channle, Admiral Permission granted please contact and Coordinate
with Lt. Razor whos down on the planet. Admiral Thank you. Col-MayTa Sergant clear them with Sky God. Close
the channle. He walks off, Keno you have the Bridge till Katana gets her ass out here, Lt. Keno aye sir,

(Fighter in attack position)

Sky God gets word that the Romulans are Cool. Ok boy let them threw back to your Post! +Com+ Flip Switch
report. Flip Switch +Com+ Noting sir all readings nomina just a few clusters of space dust. Whats going on your side?
Sky God +Com+ our supports ships are here and we have help from 2 Romulan ships a, medical and support ship.
Flup Switch +Com+ Grate like we need them at this point He looks down um i'll get back to you sir, Checking on a
new reading. He cuts the com.

(Col-MayTa stading out aside his quarters thinking Fuck Fuck God Damn it to hell)

Col-MayTa walks in and see Katana and Fudgy playing on the bed, He walks in and just looks at them.
He stays quiet and just watches,


( Katana my next log will be a joint log between us)


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