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THarians Here?

Posted on Sun May 17th, 2020 @ 8:42pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Varies
Timeline: curren

(Occ k im Npcing Marine deplayment as well as Figter squads on this one.)


Col.MayTa sitting in his chair on the bridge, he thinks Muther F***er. +com+ Captan OrpnSides or
Lt. Hall Report? (Static). Col.MayTa looks back at Captain Katana then at Tactical. Sergant David are
the even down there? Sergant David scans, aye sir they are down there. But their is somekind of intererance.
Col.MayTa Tactical try to figue out whe kind of interferance. Col.MayTa sits back and thinks.

(On the planet Marine LZ)

Captan Ions Stading there, Move your asses now, get that mobil HQ set up. Leuitenat Hall walks up, Ions
we have a problem Boss! Captain Ions turns, what problem Matt? Corperal Daning said we cant contact,
anyone not even Lt Razor. Capt.Ions what kind of interferance we talking about. Lt. Cyinthia said possibel
Thairenan. Capt.Ions are you shitting me. Lt, Hall nope ,I send a squad to let Lt;Razor know wjats up. The should contact him in a hour and then return back here. Capt. Ions nods ok, take a platoon and Recon the
hills to the West of us. I'll deploy another Platoon to the north. Lt.Hall aye sir, he turns and walks off to
his personnel platoon.

(Fighter Patrols West side of planet and East side of Planet)

SkyGod-Asher Sitting in his fighter looking at his sensors, Sonic your to tight on your zone. Lightin up a bit.
He banks left and and starts to scan. +com+ Sky God to Flip Switch Report? How you doing over there?
FlipSwitch-Hicks, he had just stops his fighter to check a reading. +com+ Hey God we have an odd temporal
reading over here in the shipping lanes. Sky God +cim+ what do you mean odd? Flip switch +com+ not sure
but it looks like THaiarian sir, maybe 10 days old, then again 6. also it looks like its was heading to maybe
away from the Colandis V. Its freaking odd cant make heads or tails. Sky God +com+ Ok keep on it, Ill
let MayTa know. Sky God thinks what the hell. He sens a message to Col.MayTa what they have found.

(Sanctuary )

Sgerant Cash recives the message, Um Captain Katana Col.MayTa sirs, Message from Sky God. They have
detected a possibal Tharian Temporal siganture on the east side of the panet. Comming from the shipping ;lanes sir. Col.MayTa Jumps up and walks over and, reads the rest. He hands his hea, Gd prey for us, Science Start checking on those readings. Just in case Cash Yellow alert. +Com+ Lt Razor and Doctpr Fytheirx Report in, we need you to step it up down there. we may have a Temporal enemy down there or up here. But either way wokr your magic.



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