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Having fun?!

Posted on Thu Mar 26th, 2020 @ 2:35am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

We are going to have fun with this personnel log'


Col.MayTa walking around Engineering hes checking on things. Lt, Lazerus keeps eyeing a Civilian,
Col.MayTa walks up, what is it? Lt. Lazerus are to be having guest sir? He motions to a man walking about
Col.MayTa glances I don't see anyone. Lt. Lazerus he was just there, he walks over to relay systems one.
Jim who was that man? Sgt. Jim makes a face, who you talking about, Lt. Lazrus eyes him. YOU sure you
did not see anyone.Sgt, Jim no sir if I did I would have stopped him. Lt, Lazerus walks back, Sir I know I saw
someone. He returns back to work. Col. MayTa nods ok he heads off to the other side of Engineering, Col.
MayTa standing there watching the last of the refit,

Civian Tech Master Soran walks up, Has he figured it out yet Steve, Col.MayTa smiles, hell NO Soran. If he
finds out, he is going to have a shit fit. Soran nodding, oh cant wait to see , his reaction when he finds out,
Soran walks over and resets a few systems, he glances at Col.MayTa. Hes going to hate this. Soran walks of
and hides behind a beam to watch, Col.MayTa walks of the other way trying not to laugh. Few moments
later, Lt. Lazerus calls out, OK lets boot her up. Crew members yelling out whats going on. Lt. Lazerus smiles,
OK we are all in the green. Suddenly the Alarm sound! Computer blurts out, Primary coliant systems locked,
Secondary inter locked fused. warp core breach in 30 minutes. Lt. Lazerus yells WHAT THE FUCK! Ok
there watching Soran laughing his head off, After 10 minutes the computer sounds out. Decks 12 threw 15
losing gravity Life support failing in all holo deck,

Lt, Lazerus yelling and sending out damage control teams. Col.MayTa knowing its all a training stimulation.
He Stands there looking at Soran. 10 minutes later Damage repair team sounds out. Lt. Pea +Taps+ Pea to
Lt, Soran we are on deck 12 and everything is fine. Lt. Lazerus looking at the systems.+Taps+ You sure I have
people floating around on that deck. Lt. Pea shakes his head, +taps+ there is no problems on any decks
reported. Lt. Lazerus steps back, what HELL IS GOING ON People! Sgt Fao +Taps+ SIr this is Fao we
are here in Holo Deck one. And there is no problem sir. Col.MayTa standing next to Lazerus, anything I can help you with? Lt Lazerus sir If we cant stop that core breach in 10 minutes we need to, clear the space dock and the ship. Col.MayTa nods i'll be on the bridge.

Lt Lazerus panicking there's five minutes left and Soran nearly fall over laughing so hard, his ribs hurt.
As the teams scramble and the last 50 seconds pop up. Lazerus GD OK we are the last ones here.
Lets get the hell out of here, The teams file out and Lazerus looks around and runs out He stops as he exit.
He stops and sees everyone going about their duties. He Sees Col.MayTa standing there laughing, Sir whats going on. Col. MayTa points to engineering, Lt. Lazerus walks back in, and see Soran at the main controls.
He looks up its was all a simulation Laz? Lt. Lazerus you SON OF A BITCH! This was not funny! Col.MayTa
walks in, oh yes it was, You wern one your toes. Soran bet me he could do this. I said he could not. Apparently I was wrong. Lt. Lazerus so I take it most of my teams where in on this, the teams start walking
back in and clapping. Lt, Pao walks up, he got you Boss! Col.MayTa don't worry everything is find, for out
test flight, Soran and MayTa stroll out laughing.



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