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its alive

Posted on Tue Jun 22nd, 2021 @ 6:19am by Captain Robert Razer

Robert awoke from his bed once again to a messy quarter. since his time in DS9. all he has been able to do was clean out his workroom. the biggest room in his quarters where he worked on various projects. he had 2 workbenches in the room. across the wall and a storage closet where he put extra tools and other random stuff, he was not using during the meantime. he was not yet done putting up the tool organizer on the walls, so some tools still laid on some of the benches. there was also the matter of the two droids’ parts that laid in pieces along one side of the wall. one of those droids was a human-like assistant droid that laid across the other workbench. in somewhat order and the other druid was mostly put together. but its head was off, and a bunch of wires was still hanging out. Robert had a computer pad with serval wires attached to a computer card. that he was running a bunch of diagnostics on. Robert had an idea what he was going for. but still went through the process to make sure all the internal physical parts were running correctly. what he also was doing was checking to make sure there were not any other items that might corrupt the unit once he is going. yes, it took a while to do but with Robert's new implants this would greatly assist him in doing it quicker. Robert was able to accomplish the diagnostics within a couple of weeks when he was not running about trying to assist DS9 in its operations. Robert spent a week cleaning up the wires and all the remaining pieces on the Astro droid before turning it on. and when it was time Robert sat back as he powered up the datapad and pressed the button on the Astro droid. Robert could hear its internal systems turning on. All the mechanical fans and engine parts start to slightly move as the pore was being introduced to them once again. Robert pad began lighting up with information as the systems began spewing process information. the computer began doing a system check Robert sat there as all the files streamed across the screen. during that time Robert decided to upgrade a couple of parts as he was putting the droid back together more memory faster process and he was glad he did. or it would have taken longer. so, Robert sat and watch as the system went through the new internal program check, then the system check, and finally, it began its physical system check. the droid came to life as the system check every moving part for any error wheels compartmented arms everything opened from the droid. things spun twisted turned and rattled before moving on to light and sensors. and after 10 minutes of a weird dance of check. the boot-up was complete with a loud ding ring. Robert stood there as the system restarted itself. Robert looked at the pad as the droid turned on with a soothing hum and a variation of beep. Robert quickly made his prosthetic translate the communication into something he could understand.

droid- hello I am Astro droid delta 68A. what is your name?
Robert- Robert...
droid- what is my designation?
Robert- personal droid?
delta-68A- conformed.... what is my mission
Robert- to assist me with all my requests.
Delta 680- conformed

Robert- ok Jarvis here is another toy we can play with. he going to need some upgrades to his programming, but it looks like his based programming is still all in good order.

Robert- delta 68. please accept all upgrade and programming updates from the program named Jarvis. he will assist you in full system upgrades and performance upgrades

ok, Jarvis- he yours to upgrade and help around the room well you are not doing anything. please see to it

Jarvis understood Robert

Robert- once you are done with him could you help me out with that assistant droid over there maybe we can finally clean this place up well.

as for me, the Borge threat has been spotted I want a full system to alter my prosthetics. shut out any outside communications and sensors so I am not hacked. I might not be able to reach you so back me up so if anything happens I can be rebooted. please and thank you.


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