The new horizon

Posted on Tue Mar 28th, 2023 @ 6:54am by Captain Robert Razer

Cpt Robert razor was hovering over operations command table in DS9 operations. It's late at night and the night shift was doing their daily task. As robert was updating missions details from everything that has happen since mayta death.. their was a huge portion he did behind the scene that no one else understood or even dared to put on their shoulders.. that razor had to crack the wip and force people to do their jobs now. As he worked over time he took more time on making sure the paperwork is being properly filed and sent out then correcting the substance lucky... or so thought razor. Robert stared blanking out the window into space. As he remmber the time spent on the sanctuary. The hours on her bridge the way she maneuvered and how she handled.. she could still hear her engines noises right before he falls asleep. The sound would help him sleep. Snapping back to reality he began looking over reports from the following day. He been doing it lately making sure that the borge have not returned or were not mounting a counter.. which means their mission was a success.. but Robert couldn't sake off the feeling.. he couldn't handle the thought to have the borge in his head again. He could feel the hair stand up as he recalled the sounds from them..coming into his thoughts .. like they knew what he was thinking...he could hear them trying to reach out to him. Grasping at what ever they could from his brain.razor again snapped back to reality.. twice in one night Robert completely stopped what he was doing and called it a night.. and on the way back to his quarters he decided to stop by quarks for a drink. Ordering his drink as usual he walked up to the second floor so he could hang out away from the crowed downstairs and away from eyes of any that would want to talk with him. He loved to people watch. He loved to see the happy gambling clients of quarts spend their time. The busy aliens that came to conduct business with other galaxy.. the amount of trades that went through quarks surprised to razor but his good business brought a lot of positive to DS9
. Somthing Robert was for. Pretty much anything to keep the peace and make people happy. Robert finished his drink and decided to walk the promadon. During the night when every one was asleep he loved to enjoy the night walks by himself. It was peaceful he enjoyed it.. it was a good night. He had force himself to enjoy it because it was just a nice night. He let himself walk into his quarters with the peace of mind.. his Droids were off working on the sanctuary. So he took a shower and layed down aa soon as he did he was off to sleep..

Thinking how eerie was his good night it was