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the slow

Posted on Thu Feb 23rd, 2023 @ 5:02pm by Captain Robert Razer

DS9 Inter

captain razor walks through DS9 this place has changed. the sanctuary is changing too many people were quickly moving in for the position. but that doesn't matter to Robert that is not the way he will cherish the memory of a dear old captain. he will continue to command on DS9 to continue the story and the memory.

Robert walks into Quarks and orders a drink and moves to the second-floor balcony tables to drink alone and watches as people drink and gamble.

Robert thinks to himself.. I have to keep trying. I have to keep going the mass of space will not keep me contained. I have to keep myself going. this universe will not end. this ship will continue on. and I will be stuck on DS9

Robert his drink and continues to his quarters passing all the stores and looking through a window and seeing the sanctuary stationed on one of the pillars Robert just thinks to himself about the amount of people fighting for the ship. and all Robert can do is watch. Robert continues to his quarters walks in and sees the old bachelor of Mayta hung against an open wall. Robert grabs a drink and looks at it for a long minute.

Robert- Here to you old friend

Robert turns to look out his window into space. ..


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