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sytem restart

Posted on Fri May 21st, 2021 @ 2:37am by Captain Robert Razer

Robert was sitting on a large lazy boy couch within his dark quarters. Box’s laid throughout his quarters. Robert has not finished unpacking his belonging before going in and getting his cybernetic inserts. Robert knew he wanted to get done as soon as he made it to DS9. It was a logical move on his part for his world would get a lot easier for it. Robert was consistently having multiple things going on at one time. He wanted an edge and he finial found one. even thoe the room was dark the visual electrodes attached to his left eye was lighting up his eyeball. Going through system computer system commands Robert sat there as the computer and his brain went through the syncing process. Robert sat there absorbing the computer self-checking. Sitting there as the computer tested and recorded Robert's reaction. Every electronic sensor read every movement and synapse and mental activity as the computer began to sync with Robert.

2 days later
Robert still in the lazy boy.
Brain-computer:……..system synced completed… restarting system…..
Robert sat there as his cybernetic side turned off and Robert sat there as he felt half his face go numb as he felt half his side just disappear… he felt the silence and the loneliness set in. suddenly there was a three beep. Then his left eye lit up with a simple system interface.

Brain-computer: (a computer ding rang in Robert's ear) welcome to B.R.A.I.N….. please state your full name?
Robert: Robert R Razor
Brain-computer: hello Robert R Razor… welcome to Brain….. interface… thank you for your recent brain synced we will now be pals … we will live for the rest of my life with you… let us began our adventure by setting up personal setting. At any time, we can change your personal system setting via voice controls. System setting and button or voice controls will automatically be synchronized with you over time. But for the beginning will be asked until it is synced. But let's began with controls. Welcome to your home screen. You will be able to customize what you view throughout the day.
Day later.
Robert was able to go through his system like an expert. Setting up his setting so he could bring them up on a whim. System please be prepared to download interface with Jarvis interface. ..
Robert was setting up his internal system in an enclosed system with Brain.. but any outside interaction with any other system will be routed through Jarvis. Jarvis will work as a cloud so Robert will be able to work at unlimited speed without risking his internal system and slowing down his processors. Took a couple of hours and it took the better part of the day for Robert to finalize both systems and set defaults for working in his head.
Restarting fully system restart..

Jarvis: Welcome Robert to your whole brain interface. .. it a pleasure to finally be able to interface with you on a personal level.
Robert: hello Jarvis let us begin.. let's start with something small…


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