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Days to come Part 1

Posted on Thu Mar 12th, 2020 @ 4:29am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

MayTa rolls over and sighs, Computer what time is it? Computer cherps, Its not 0300 hours. MayTa sits up and rolls out of be. He walks to
the bather room he washes his face. He looks into the mirror, he can shake of the last mission. He grabs a towle and dries his face.
He walks to the closet and goes to get into his uniform. He stops and remembers hes off duty. He puts on his Jeans and then his PT Tee Shirt.
He tucks it in and the sits and puts on his sneeker.

MayTa stands and heads out, he walks along the huge glass tunnel leading out of the living quarters of Talis V Space Docks. He can see the
repairs of the Sanctuary being slowly completed. He see Col. Jermy Ions his old XO. Jemy walks up, Steve its been a pleasure serving with you.
MayTa looks at him sadly. Jermy Sighs It was not your fault, It was the Councel, they made a bad call. MayTa eyes him, I lost my rank and 'nearly
my ship. for following my gut feeling. Just then Franks MayTas former 2nd officer walks up. Sirs ! Steve can help bit hearing, you did the right thing,
Star Fleet Brass and Marine Brass backs what you did sir. At lest you still have her,they look at their home of 10 years. Jermy looks over, at MayTa
You will get General back. MayTa nod.

MayTa looks at them, Well looks like you guys have a ship to command, The USS Raiden? Jermy yeah Im stuck with the Kid.. Franks
shakes his head. We where going to say good bye at chow. Fanks walks up and hugs MayTa, Im gong to really miss you, even tho you where
my CO i looked up to you as a big brother sir. MayTa hugs back,take care of your self you little shit. Jermy walks and hugs MayTa, watch you ass Bro.
MayTa holds tight, you to. The 3 old friends split and head their own ways.

MayTa soon finds himself walking threw the maine air lock. Security clears him. HE wnders threw the repair teams and reaches the Maine Turbo lift
to the bridge He steps in bridge, Seconds later doors open and he steps out, He looks around and his youngest daughter SSgt Ashley A.K.A Zippy
walks up. Dad she hands him a padd, we should be ready for a test flight in 3 weeks. MayTa looks at here and signs off on the padd. He looks around
and MWO Rochanko looks up, Sir weapons will be on line 1 week sir the new Temoral systems not installed. MayTa nods and heads into his
ready room.'



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