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oh boy

Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2020 @ 9:08am by Captain Robert Razer

Location: Uss Sancuary
Timeline: current

Life continues as i keep finding the energy to move my self began the momentum of life. the will, the drive me to my goals.. or maybe to something else other then my own thoughts of darkness.

-since some one doesn't like the way i separating my subjects. ill do something else to separate


Welcome ladies and gentle bots to another gentle human story of the great adventures of Robert...razor...razor..razor.(que clapping in the background) as we last left our rugged human life form, he has received the new batch of new marines that joined the crew of the Uss Sancuary. but things did not become easy as Robert thought. Robert is now having to deal with Admerial Geen Katar coming on board for some reason. and do not forget about MayTa wedding. things were about to get serous mess up around the ship. there so many new faces on board and Robert was not prepared for it. but let me not spoil everything read on if your dare.


Robert stood in the middle of his office looking at a endless stream of charts spread across his multiple screens that was spread around him. Robert could not do much in trying to break down all the information that was streaming across the screen. so he did his best to absorb what he could. there was no possible way i am going to learn all this information about the new recruits. Robert closed his eyes and took a long breath. he was very tired, very very tired. he was not sleeping well, he barely ate. he didn't feel sick but he didn't feel alive. there was a hidden wight that weighted his body. he ignored the it as much as he could. robert opened his eyes again.

Robert- Jarvis how long until this information is compiled??

Jarvis- Robert the information is at 90% estimated time of completion is 2 hours

Robert- 2 hours humm.. ok thank you Jarvis

Robert walk around to his desk and sat on his chair..look at his monitor screen. he stared at his over flowing email and thought to himself that he really needed a secretary. Robert began trying to answer the easiest email first one by one. deleting them as he went on. he later began accepting the files of specific emails he needed the files from and storing them into the data bank as he tracked the information in a spread sheet with comments. this took a long time for Robert needed to read them to understand where it needed to go and their importance. he also needed to make sure he sent the proper response with the proper information that he needed to search for within his data. personnel, equipment, from every sheet of toilet paper to the amount of toothpaste ever crew member used. from the ships maintenance parts to whole sections of the ship experiences a structure bends throughout space travel. everything came across Robert desk. and Robert had to make sure he was tracking it to a point that is. Robert knew as long as he used his tools to track it it would be a whole lot easier to transform the information into graph or any other presentation as needed. but he needed to make sure he kept up with the information that consistently was going on within the ship. but with the addition of these new recruits this was gonna be night mare. but all Robert could do for now is let the system track the new recruits and later on track the differences until the information on the living conditions of the ship settled. but until then the information that was gonna come across his desk was gonna throw off a lot of graphs for a little while. and all Robert could do was try not to lose his mind. Robert looked up and saw that an hour and a half has suddenly past. looking around robert was confused in passage of time.

Jarvis- you need to eat Robert

Robert- I am not hungry its all right

Jarvis- no Robert you have not consumed any nutrients i will be implementing lock out until you consume food from the food court.

Robert- no wait noo am almost ..

everything in the office locked out and Robert was left in a semi lit room. all the screens read the same thing in big red letters.. GO EAT!

Robert left his office upset that Jarvis did so.. but he understood why he didn't want to wake up on his floor again and waste another week trying to recover that shitty feeling. Robert walk down the Hall to the Turbo lifts and pressed the button. the turbo lift took longer then Robert expected. robert stood there for several mints until he ask

Robert- Jarvis why is the lift taking so long??

Jarvis- lift is busy at the moment it will be with you momentarily.

Robert thought how incoviant

It took Robert longer then he expected to get a lif. it even took longer to get food. there was a long line of new recruits eating at the same time. Robert felt frustrated at first but understood that it will get better. Or so he told himself. Robert was spending more trying to get simple task done around the ship that he was starting to get irritated. Trying to keep his composer after waiting to use the restroom.
He made his way to the bridge. Thought he check in and see how everything was going. To his surprise the only the night crew was on shift. Robert took the opportunity to look at the ships statues to see if there has been a difference with taking on all the new crew members. Robert ask one of the red shirts. If he could get a comparison of the ships weight and mass before and after the new crew members.

Red shirt- looks like the old girl is geyting weighted down a bit.

Robert- true but she can take it. Plus this means more mass we can use in space.

Robert left the bridge wanting to get back to work. He needs to prep... for the one and only ambassador should be showing up here soon and he needs to make sure everything is ready.

Robert was finally allowed to go back into his office were he quickly jump on his computer to get back to work


In order to get somthing put here a little bit of the story
I'll do my best to keep posting


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