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lost in space

Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2020 @ 9:22am by Captain Robert Razer

Location: Unknown
Timeline: Current

Lieutenant Commander Robert Razer has been dead for many years. his body lost to the cold space...


Robert gasping for air..naked... in a dark room with a single light shinning down on him ...his head, arms and legs were strap down... he did not have no clue where he was and who he was.. he felt random eyes staring down on him within the darkness... but he could not do anything to escape.. his body hurt... his mind was on fire, he was crying and all he could not speak.. his scream were weak .. ..


USS sanctuary
Timeline: current

Robert sat in his quarters.... grasping his hair a bottle of whiskey on the table .... he could not sleep any more... he hasn't been able to sleep for a long time now... their was so much that change.. he did not know what to do with himself any more.. he still dealing with his PTSD but they needed him .. they could not waste an old asset... they were keeping him on purpose.. or they would have stationed him on a recovery station until they deemed me sane...they had to be a reason for all the secrets .. why they stuck me on this ship .. what are they planning??

Robert took another drink of his whiskey
Robert drop the glass his throat suddenly closed Robert thought to himself. That he has been poisoned. Grasping his throat and standing up he ran for the door. But as he did he trip over his chair. Falling over he hit the ground hard.. so hard that he was thrown from his bed. He was dreaming again he was back on the floor in is bedroom. Robert was gasping for air as he looked around scared he didn't know where or what just happened. He was very confused. Was he tye same person.. he grab his head once more..Robert dreams were become more and more weird. He took it as a sign that he was under too much stress and finally got up to start his day

Robert ignored that somthing strange was happening


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