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The Wedding day part 1

Posted on Sat Sep 19th, 2020 @ 4:56pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Location: Veriouse places
Timeline: current

OCC sorry this tiook so long wanted to mak sure if was a good one


Grooms Dressing Room:

Col.MayTa putting on his last part of his Kilted dress uniform. MajorCaptai Ions walks on,there is something
really odd. About a Klingon waring a Kilt? He Stands there looking at Lt. Hall.Hall nods, MayTa hes right.
Col.MayTa turns around and makea a face. I;m Half human you bone heads. Lt, Razo putting on his
shoes. Na Sir you look fine, He stands and looks in a morror.I'm the one who looks all Goffy!
The finish getting ready when The Ambassador knocks and walks in, along with the Admrial Justing
MayTa. MayTa standing there thinking about Katana,

Ambassador Tcol Walking you look hansom Steve,Ambassador yes you do Nefiew. The guys look at one
anoter as to say, THE BITCH IS HIS AUNT! Col.MayTa turns slowly, if you came here to put m down. don'r
its I's and Katanas day. Amb Tcol I wond I promissed your uncle. MayTa nods and looks at his uncle
and he sees his father looking at him. A single tear falls. Adm MayTa puts hus hand in MayTas sholder.
I know you wish your moth and your father were here. But I m here he grabds Steve and hugs him. I miss
them both deeply.

Lt.. Asher Walks in with CMO O'Hair behind him along with Lt, Keno, Lt. Asher its time boss. Col.MayTa
looks wheres Laz? Lt Laz im here sir,O;hair tried to pants me on the way in.

*Brides Dressing room"

Katans putting in the House of MayTa on her Klingon wedding dress. Ashley and Kelly standing there. Kelly I have
seen many Klingon BridesYou out do them all. Ashley mom shes right. Katana looks back,you just saying that. Ashley
walks up, No we are not she hugs Katana. Kelly walks up I know this is early but welcome to the family. Katanas
cousins walks up, You do us honor by marring into the, house of MayTa. He cousin Kalin smiling Its in the most respected
house in the Empierl. She smiles, Now where is the one they call Lt. Razor I find him hot!

Grooms Dressing room and Main Hall

Col.MayTa and his gaggle of grooms men line up and waits for the Brides Made to walks out. Col.MayTa turns before walking down to
the Alter. You guys behave. Major Ions we will untill the reseption party. Col.MayTa turns and stands at the back. As Captain Fraks
Walks and announces loudly Guest The Groom Col. Steven MayTa. He stands to the side. Col.MayTa walks down as guest and Friends
and Family take picturses. Col.MayTa arrives and the Priest nids and motions for him to stand to the right. Col.MayTa stand side ways
looking to the back,

The Bridges Maids walks out and stand next to thier, Chosen Grooms Man. Captain Fraks PLEASEALL STAND! THE WEDDING PrOCESSION! The Grooms Men and Brides Maids slowly make thier way to the Alter then the walk to thier assigned spots.
Adm MayTa walks up and puts out his hand Just as Ashley stands in the maids of honors Spot and Major Ions stands in the best Mans
spot. Katana slowly walks up and takes MayTas uncle hand so can give her away due to he father could not make it. Captain Fraks
I give you The Bride he turns and walks to the Sgt. of Arms spot in the back. The live band plays here comes the bride.

Adm MayTa turns and the slowly make thier way down to the alter. Everyone uoing and awing and picturs being taken. Katana
noticed that the upper boucany is nothing but he Klingon Family abd Friends. She tries to be strong and fights the tears
of happyness. They reach the alter Col.MayTa steps up and offers his left hand. Adm MayTa places Katans right hand in Col.MayTas/
Col.MayTa looks at her and then at his Daughter in Katanas belly. He turns walks tp the front of the alter..

The Priest smiles and ask everyone to remains standing for the payer of welcome. As the priest is chanting the prayer. Col.MayTa and
Katana Just look into one anothers eyes, Kelly whispers to Ashley I never see dad happy except the pitcures of him d mom. Ashley
\nods and quitly cries both of joy and sadness, The wedding cerimony carries on for 20 minutes and its now time for the vows.
The priset Looks at Katana and MayTa , In the eyes of the God we now bring to geather Captain Katana Rochelle
and Colonel Steven Michtell MayTa,
Do you Steven Mitchell MayTa do take Katana Rochelle as your wedded wife, the sickness and health for richer our pourer,do death
do you both shall part. Col.MayTa I do. Priest looks at Katana and speaks in Klingon asking he the same thing. Katana looks at MayTa
with a huge smile and sayd Maj' (Yes). Prist the ringt please. at that point both Ions and Ashley whistles really loudly. And Fudgy comes
dashing in with rings tied to his coller, He comes to stop abd just lides unders Katanas Dress and then, He pokes his nose out trying
to get out. Ashley Beds down and pulls Fudgy out and sets him in front of he mom and dad. Katana squats down and unties the rings she
gives on to Ashley and on to MayTa. She picks up Fudgy who is all happy licking he face. Everyone is giggling. Proest Now take he right hand and place the ring on to it, Do you Steven vow to love abd cherris Katana? Col.MayTa I do, he slides the ring on Katanas third finger.
Katana do you vow to cherris and love Steven? Katana I do. She places the ring on his third finger. Priest if anyone has any objections speak now or for ever hold your peace. Then by the powers invested in me I now proclame you husban and wife. I here by give you The Joing houses of Rochelle and MayTa may the houses never Fall. Everyone claps for joys, the bands pays the Klingon \. The Bridge maids and grooms men slowly walk out togeather the the Maid of honor and best Man walks slowly out. Then MayTa and Katana slowly walking out
iwith Fudgy just sitting on Katanas Trian just as happy as can be barking as hes being dragged along.

Occ the next log is Reception party Do we want it to be joint or seperat I say dose not matter to me know and ill start it asap.


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