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Incoming transmission

Posted on Fri Aug 14th, 2020 @ 11:14pm by Captain Robert Razer

Location: Uss Sancuary
Timeline: current

ok since every one is dealing with a lot of real world stresses. Ill do my best to get this ball rolling so we do not stay stagnate with the story. so here i go... ill do my best to keep things vague in order to not conflict with any one else addition to the story itself. sorry its been mint since ive posted.

-since some one doesn't like lines separating my subjects. ill do something else to separate


Welcome ladies and gentle bots to another gentle human story of the great adventures of Robert...razor...razor..razor.(que clapping in the background) as we last left our rugged human life form, he was making his final checks of the preparation for the new marines that would be joining the crew of the Uss Sancuary. Now that everything has been set can Robert finally relax. Will Robert ever catch up to all the work emails? why is Robert suddenly sneezing around the ship? all these question will be answered and more ...stay tuned...


Robert was feeling a lot better since the pressure and stresses of fully preparing to receiving all those new recruits.Robert felt so good in fact he was gonna go back to his old routeing of working out in the mornings. something he has not been doing since taken the roles of 2nd in command. but now that a little bit of pressure was gone he was not gonna waste the opportunity to get his health back.

Robert was walking out of the Helo deck after doing some sparring with some judo black belts halo masters. when suddenly jarvis calls out for Robert

Jarvis- Robert we have entered the space to Star Base Raven. and we will began docking procedures in 5 hours.

Robert- thank you Jarvis

Robert made his way back to his quarters to quickly change and get ready. as soon as the ship was 3 hours away the calls came suddenly. the calls from Ambassador of Katar wanting to know that statues of the ship and all that came with receiving the new recruits.

Ambassador of Katar- Robert i feel like you have been ingorning my calls for some time now.

Robert- My humble apologies Ambassador of Katar. Ive been extremely busy preparing for the arrival of all the new recruits. and if let me explain we are completely ready for them to board. i do hope you have receive our request for the extra supplies that we will need to be able to sustain the new crew members.

Ambassador of Katar- yes I have Robert. and i do not like that Font you sent them in. please make sure you are using the proper galactic protocals for massaging and request Robert.

Robert- of course Ambassador. now lets get down to business Ambassador i will need the supplies ready to be transported to us as soon as we are in range. and we will need a day to finishes storing the extra supplies before we can receive the new crew members.

Ambassador of Katar- yes Robert ive read your request and look over your time tables.

Robert- well sir its my job to make sure that we do not have any problems during our operation. i do plan on making sure this doesn't go off without a problem.

Ambassador of Katar- of course Robert

Robert- now after the supplies are on board. we can then be able to receive the crew members.. i would like to make sure that they are in order requested by alphabetical name. so we can process them as quickly as possible and we can make sure they are up to date with all incoming producers.

Ambassador of Katar- understood Robert.. well it looks like you have everything under control Robert.. lets see if you have the same enthusiasm tomorrow Robert, i have to go

Robert was kinda shook when heard Ambassador of Katar mention something about tomorrow but he quickly shook it off.

Javis- Robert we are now 3 hours out from Star Base Raven.

Robert- oh good ill start heading to the Bridge then. thank you Jarvis

Robert felt great walking out of his office, felt even better down the hall... but as he stood in the turbo lift that was takening him to the bridge. suddenly Robert gave a big oh sneeze. Shocked Robert look at his hands...

Robert- Jarvis what are my vitals???

Jarvis- scanning ................Robert vitals are normal

Robert- please check again i want a full body scan please make sure that i (Robert sneezes again) have not pick up anything.

Jarvis- unlikely Robert you are consistently scanned to make sure you are at peak performance. if you have pick up something dangerous we would have quarantined you as soon as possible.

Robert- then why (sneezes) do i feel that way

Jarvis- we need more time Robert for the mean time please try to avoid contact with others..

Robert- how am i supposed to do that

suddenly the doors to the lift opened and Robert walk out of the life quickly.. trying to not make too much noise Robert snuck into the bridge. but didn't get far until some called out (2nd on Deck)

Robert walk to the commanders chair a little hesitantly

Robert- umm Were is everyone?...

crew member- sir their are still recovering from the bachelor party sir?

Robert- still?? how ....

Crew member- Incoming transmission from Star Base Raven...

Robert- ummm put them on screen.

Star Base Raven officer- welcome USS Sancuary.. to Star Base Raven. we have been anxiously waiting your arrival. and may i ask with who i am speaking to?

Robert- I am 1st Lieutenant Robert Razer 2nd in command. and i would like to response to your welcoming with the greatest gratitude from our command team and crew members of the USS Sancuary.. thank you.

Star Base Raven officer- a 1st Lieutenant as a 2nd in command, someone must hate you officer.

Robert- (chuckles) well you can say that..

Star Base Raven officer- ok now that formality are done lets get down to business Lieutenant. we have cargo ships and transporter ready to start beaming supplies to the location you have given us. you have 24 hours to receive all supplies. if not we will leave them outside the ship for you to pick up.

Robert- i can assure you our men will e ready.

Star Base Raven officer- that good. please follow the route being sent to you know to get the ship within orbit of the station. and began docking procedure's. i also need you to stay in constant communication with me. in order to effectly keep operation going if any problems arise. if you have any question your more then welcome to ask.. i will be her until any thing else is need over and out

Robert took a long breath with a shy of relief looked back at the captains chair and sat down

Robert- ok ladies and gentleman lets get started.

it took another 3 hours before they were dock and began the supply movement. but during the mean time Robert was constantly being ask question from both crew members and Star Base Raven.

cargo loads came on board as soon as they started the timer for loading. Robert brought up the ships wight indicator on screen to be able to see the before and after measurements. as the day continue all Robert could do was monitor the resupply and wait for anything to arise.

suddenly things went quite about 3 quarters way into the movement. transporter began tp fail.. and durin which the alternative plan was to move the rest of the cargo manually. bring them closer to the finishing time then expected.

Robert began to sweat not knowing if their were gonna break the time limit, but doing so now the transporters rooms and ship docking bays had to receive the rest of the supplies. Robert needed to head down and check them out personal. as Robert walk out the turbo lift into one of the docks. all chaos erupted within the dock. supplies that were loaded on pallets were every where. big container holding god nows what littered ever inch of the most docks.. Robert mouth drop.. and all he could do was ask his men to fit them any where they could as long their were on the ship. Robert took a small ship to view the outside of the ship and look upon the soldiers that were about to arrive that were gathering in mass out side the docks...

Robert- Oh my God...

Robert- Jarvis.... please double the orders given to the personnel for the incoming crew

Jarvis- it seems like their is no order Robert, just given a time and location.

Robert- the chaos .. we need more men during processing tell the others

Docks the next morning Robert was standing on top of a hovering platform ...standing in front of all the new crew members... all unorganized soldiers, all with no clue whats supposed to happen. Robert had all night to gather the personnel to get ready for all the crazy new soldiers but that wasn't enough time to prepare for this madness. the soldiers looked like a huge herd of cattle as them moved towards the ship.. but Robert could not have that. he had to be stern with them he needed some sort of that very stop as his voice was amplified through loudspeakers...

Robert- good morning every one...i need every single one of you to get in alphabetical order starting with the first letter of your last name.... make sure you keep all your personal belongings together. A-F stand on the far left ...G-L.......your next to them.....

Robert was able to bring some sort of organization in the craziness of what was going on. people moved through the crowds that just collapse onto itself as every soldiers moved towards their lines unhappily. but this needed to be done. and done quickly. after the 30 mints have gone by and a majority of people have moved towrds their lines Robert sounded off again

Robert- ok ladies and gentleman we will start in order which means the beginning of the alphabet. A-F ...please get all digital documents and ID out and ready to be scanned and received please take instruction from the line leaders as they guild you through your inproccessing. please make sure you have attention for all instructions and have patience with us. their are a lot of you going through and only a few of us. we will do this as fast as possible. now for the rest of you please stay within you designated areas so as not to lose any one. .. you know where the bathrooms are. MEALS will be provided. after all of this is over we will have a ceremony and you will be assigned to your units.. then you will have some time to relax before you are released. so if their are no further question thank you every one.

Robert watch the misery of every single solider from being stuck on the docks for some times. they looked tired of being their.. they were burned out and Robert felt he needed to do something for them.

Robert- Jarvis.... please play some cheerful music for these soldiers. and send down some entertainment. sports equipment,cards and books and some refreshments courtesy of Colonel Steven MayTa.

Robert spent the entire day running back and fourth answering question, fixing paperwork and ordering crew members to take a break as he filled in in different position of the inproccing process. Robert had to make sure each of the new crew members were accounted for. in good health and temporarily housed until they were able to let the computers auto process and assigned each of them to a company. the beginning of the day was crazy but by the afternoon a majority of the 800 soldiers were passed through and Robert was starting to feel his energy levels start to crash from all of the work going on. Robert was so tired we was able to find a stack of blankets in hidden in the back of pallets of gear. in which he laid down on and quickly fell asleep....but as soon as he did Robert was awaken by a voice

Jarvis- incoming transmission Robert am soo tired..

Jarvis- Robert its Admerial Geen Katar

Robert- oh great what does she want now, robert said in a weak voice.

Jarvis- Admerial Geen Katar wants a complete breakdown and walk through of uss santurairy he feels like their a lack of structure. he is having second thoughts about the troop transfer.

Robert- oh great...

Jarvis- by my calculation i see a high probability of this not working out if we do not see to his needs Robert.

Robert- oh great...

robert taps his badge

Robert- hello Admerial Geen Katar ..sorry Ive been extremely busy with all the incoming troops, that look great by the way. these new members will be a great additive to our ship.

Admerial Geen Katar- cut the crap Razor ... why can i get a hold of any other leadership on your ship...

Robert- well sir, the marraige is gonna happen soon their have to get ready. so they will be in and out but i can assure you that Colonel Steven MayTa will get with you as soon as he you know i am not the only one in charge of course...


here is where i tie in Steven MayTa ok back to it

"Ashley I'm gonna kill you! However, come on let's go!" Katana said laughing as they both ran out with stopping just long enough to give the bridge orders for Razor to take command. That done, both Ashley and Katana squealed in delight and fled to the station for their shopping spree. ""


Robert stood their for a second as all he could hear was hear the squeals and delight. the dread and depression suddenly fellapon him..

Admerial Geen Katar- well Robert looks like your in charge. make preparation for my arival in 6 hours i want a full tour of the ship. and a break down of everything.

Robert- aye sir..

Admerial Geen Katar- Katar out...

Robert stood their shocked and mortified on the amount of work he had to due. and he still needed to prepair for Katar arrival..

Robert- godamyouMayTa !!...

MayTa heavly asleeps turns over on his bed

Robert-ran as fast as he could to the turbo lift... he needed to get to the bridge and get the orders out and have full control of the ships main frame...

Robert- what is the status of the data for the new recruits??

Jarvis- the data is only 60% complete

i need you to give me a graph charts and pie charts of the data we do have as soon as possible we have to get ready for dmerial Geen Katar...

Robert quickly went back to his office and started to get the rest of the work done.. Robert was troubled and again was tired and completely stressed out once again. all time was running short

Jarvis- Robert your suits are on their way to try out.. also this is your reminder to purchase a wedding present..

Robert- what oh no forgot a present.....shoot i cant leave... your lucky i am gonna show up MayTa.. after all this...

robert went back to proccing all the data to get ready for Admerial Geen Katar....


ok am gonna leave this here for now....holy smokes this up and coming week is gonna be a crazy week for illfo my best to keep this story alive and running.....try


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