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"Sleeping in the Shower?"

Posted on Wed Aug 12th, 2020 @ 2:03am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Major Katana Rochelle

Location: Maya's and Katana's Quarters
Timeline: Right After Roasted

Katana pulled herself from the bed, still half asleep, still tipsy herself, and stumbled into the bathroom. Fudgy was scratching and barking at the shower door. "Fudgy slow down love, what's the matter?" she said looking at the frustrated puppy. The shower was running and not having seen Mayta in bed, made her think. "Oh no, not again," she said laughing. Banging on the door of the shower, "MAYTA!!!! Wake the fuck up before you drown and miss your wedding!!!!" she yelled.

MayTa Snoring and dose not hear her, he is dead a sleep..

Pushing Fudgy away from the door, Katana puts her slippered foot through the glass door with a resounding crash. Glass going everywhere, Mayta is dead asleep. The water is nice and warm, and an evil smile creeps onto her face. "Fudgy, watch this," she says to the dog as she quickly turns the water ICE COLD!!

MayTa eyes crack open and he rols over faceng away from the Ice cold water. Hemumbles Mom Its sunday No
school. He anorts and starts snoring.

Goes back into the living room and finds her ceremonial pain stick. "This will definitely get him up", she says and walks back into the bathroom.

"MayTa, the ships on fire let's go!" and jabs him a few times with the pain stick. Fudgy looks at her, and he backs up.

MayTa looks and slowly gets up, he looks at her that felt good He staggers out all wet and flops on th bed.What time is it. Are we there at the Star base yet? Fudgy jumping around on the bed. He looks, you know dear our sexy looking in the moring. He rols overhing hes in the middel of the bed. In sted he rols on to the floor *THUD* Mother fucker he monds. Where did the floor come from. He us lays there.

Katana was laughing her ass off!!!! "Myata you idiot, you're on the damn floor!! Yes we are at the base. Get up you lunk head and get into bed. You're still roasted!," she said still laughing. "I have 39,000 credits to blow on my wedding with Ashley!!!!"

MayTyClimbs back into bed. He sees te vlock. Its 0500. Ok I cam sleep till 11 am. I will meet the base Co to set things up for tomrrow. I was thinking about sunset wedding? Any was go have fun with Ashley. he covers hi head, computer set alarm for 10 am. He smiles at Katana and he fals back to sleep.

Throwing her hands in the air, she picks Fudgy from the bed and feeds him before she heads to the bridge. She has a ship to run being as how Mayta is roasted. Ashley just popped her head in the door and grabbed Katana pulling her out the door jiggling the credits bag. "Ashley I have a ship to focus on!" Katana said. Ashley just shook her head and pulled her to the airlock, what was Katana to do but go with her. Mayta was going to kill her, she thought. "I'm so dead!"

MayTa hears aAshley He waks and yells, go have fun just leave Razor or Leno in command. I love you guys! now go spend all my money before I change my mine and takeit all back. He yells Fudgy come on Nap time. Fudgy runs over and starts tyring to jump on the bed.Even tho there is a doggy ramp at the foot of the bed. MayTa leans over and picks him up and they both ;ay down and goes back to sleep.

"Ashley I'm gonna kill you! However, come on let's go!" Katana said laughing as they both ran out with stopping just long enough to give the bridge orders for Razor to take command. That done, both Ashley and Katana squealed in delight and fled to the station for their shopping spree.


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