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The aftermath of the party

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2020 @ 3:07pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Timeline: curren

OCC Ok jumping a head a bit I will give a breif discription on the roast at this
point we are docking at Raven this day 1 where Katana and Ashley get to blow
all of MayTas credits on God know what and MayTa starts getting things ready for
whats to happen on day three. but on day two we all ger to meet the Mabasidor.


Col.MayTa sitting in his seat thing about how.. Everyone roasted the hell out of him.
Specially Lt. Razor doing a 10 minute rant. Col.MayTa sits there quietly giggling. He can
still hear Razors Voice, saying all he wanted to do is Tie MayTa down. And Shave him
bold and dress him in a clow suit. Captain Katana looks over, Um dear you smell of
scotch? Col.MayTa looks over eyes red as hell and a looking scruffy. Um Ah He looks
at Lt. Razor and CWO Rochanko looking even worse. I say we get cleaned up guys.
Lt.Keno I was hoping to do that afer the batchalor party.

Captain Katana um I hope in hell i was a holo party! Lt.Razor All I know mam is leaving 10 forward.
After that Its kindo hazy? CWO Rochanko, HAZY more like a total black out. Lt.Keno Black out?
This coming from a guy we found sleeping in a Jeffers tube! Col.MayTa make a face and Bust out
luaghing, Just as Profesor Data dose from time to time. CapTain Katana Ok thats it! Children go to
your rooms and get cleaned up, NOW!

Col.MayTa stops laughing and gets up, yes mam. He waves to all those who just came.
From the Party. Col.MayTa slowly woboalng as he walks to his quarters. Captain Katana,
watches, Sgt. Jone Eta on our arrival? Sgt,Jone taking over for Lt. Keno. 2 hours Mam.
Captain Katana sits back and thinks, I wonder what its going to be like for out reception.
She looks down and sees a message from Ssgt Ashley, Hey Mom you ready tp do some
shopping, I say we blow 39,000 Of dads credits, she laughs well I'll meet you at Air lock one.
Love you mom! God that felt bit odd but you are my new mom. Oh I was being seriouse about
blowing 39.000 creidts. (Occ) Katana Leavung this oen for you to write about in your own
log) Captain Katana smiles and reads over reports.

(Deck 3)
Lt, Razor trying to fight off the Buzzig nurons coming from the sides of his head. RO what
in the hell did we do and what the fuck did we drink? CWO Rochank leanin on the bulk head.
He looks at Razor all shit faced, your asking me? IM trying to figure out where my left boot went?
or even If I was wearing one. Lt. Keno looks down, um where is your sock? and damn you have
some hary ass feet, Lt Keno walks to his door and tries not to fall. Door oipne he thinks hes walking
but falls flat. face first onto the deck. Lt. Razor turns looks around and tne sees . Kenos door open.
He waklks over looks down and Kenos out cold snoring like a Targ. Razor kicks Kenis feet into
the room and the door closes. Rochank walks up, he ok? Razor turns and looks, dont know but
I think he busted his nose. Rochanko nods and shrugs and walks into his room. 3 doors down.
Razor starts walks and he stops, I dont think this is my deck? Computer where is Lt. Razors Quarters.
Computer Lt, Razors quarters in aft section of the bridge, formaly know a the Exsecutive Officers
Quarters. Razor hangs his hea, FUCK ME! He slowly turns and heads to the turbo lift. I hope im going
the right way..

COs Quarters

Col.MayTa stagers in and yells lights Computer states lights are on. Col.MayTa giggles oh ok.
He walks over to the bed room and fights anf struggles to get un dress. But onlt part way.
He shuffles to the shower with on leg still dressed and a boot on. The rest of the paints dragging
behind him. He gets into the shower, Turns on a hot shower. AHHHAHAH to fucking hot! He fights to lower
the temp. He grabs the soap and starts to wash up, but he fumbels with it. Awwww get over here you
little shit. He falls *Thud* Offff, he sifs up against the wall. The watter flwoing over his head, He picks up
the soap, Now you deside to come to me. He leavs his head back. Before he knows it be falls, asleep
to the barking and scratchig at the shower door from Fudgy.



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Comments (1)

By Captain Katana Rochelle on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 4:36am

This was the best and funniest post I have read in a long time. Very good Mayta.
Capt. Katana