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Time to get Roasted!

Posted on Fri Jul 17th, 2020 @ 8:28pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Captain Katana Rochelle & Captain Jermy IOns

Location: MayTa and Katanas Quarters
Timeline: curren

OCC Sorrythis late

Time 12 hour later from last log Katana just got off duty..


MayTa sitting at the computer he had just finished setting up the arrangments.
He sits there looking at fudgy. Well little guy in 2 days I say I do. He looks at the
door opens. He see Katana walking, in. Ok I got everthing se up, In two days
we make that walk. He smiles I bet you cant wait to sit down and go shopping
with Ashley.. Im leaving here to go get roasted?

"Don't you mean wasted?" Katana said laughing as she walked over and kissed him. "Oh definitely but what do I wear? Wedding gown or traditional Klingon marriage clothes?" she suddenly looked at him....

MayTa looks up,Its up to you? what ever you wwear yur going to look hot. Once we get there the weding will be a 6:00 pm. I know the CO he said he would perfrome the cerimoney.. So how was things on the bridge?

"Finally got some order put into the disorder but it wasn't all that bad. We actually got some work done. It wasn't easy but it got done" Katana said smiling. "Don't you want your family to see me in traditional Klingon wedding clothes?" she asked.

That would be nice to see you in that! But I will be in Full Marine Dress tho. The door chimes, MayTa looks,
enter or Die! Captain Ions walks in. Well if it isnt the Bride to be and. Tha Ham Hock to be roasted? He walks
up to MayTa, God I cant wait to roast you. He looks at Katana hurt him and ill hurt you. MayTa really Jermy?
You could not handle Tammy? MayTa kisses Katana on her head and then,Kness and kiss her belly. My babay girl.

"If you hurt Mayta, you will never be able to hide from me!" Katana growled. "Who is or was Tammy" she asked laughing.

Kissing Mayta gently on his lips, "Yes that is your baby girl, my love,,"Katana added smiling looking at Capt. Ions.

MayTa stands up, Tammy was my laSst wife. Shw died , when Camp Terell was attacked.By the Horagin. He looks a CaptainIons, we better get going. Hw looka Katans Love you deae. He and Ions walk sout


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