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Into the horizon

Posted on Sat Jul 4th, 2020 @ 5:41pm by Captain Robert Razer

Location: USS-Sanctuary
Timeline: Current

welcome ladies and gentlemen, kleon and humans alike. To another running adventure of Robert we last left our handsome officers. He was just informed of several new marine recruits that were assigned to the ship. Robert now is running around the ship trying to scrambling and get everything ready for all these new recruit..but what could go wrong... let find out


Interior office Robert sat in his desk chair looking at the new emails popping up within his mailbox..Robert thought to himself why was he getting all these new emails so early in the morning. But all he could do was answer the most important of them and as quickly as he could. He only had a couple of hours. For their was still so much to do to get ready for the new recruits coming on to the ship.
Robert knew that taking such a large number of recruits at one time will be a logistical nightmare. Well at least for a little while. But the worst part was that all these new recruit are marine grunts straight out of training. which means they will be roudy and ready to prove themselves in this ship.. so as the lead security officer Robert knew he needed to put more security out on patrol for presence. So they can try and keep the peace. Well also as the second in command Robert needed to make sure the logistics for taking all these new personal was raised and fully stocked. Or we are gonna get a lot of people very angry. Robert already went out to every department within the ship and have them preparing to up their pars.. Robert knew as soon each department redid their numbers to include these new crew members. He would have to approve them and see how much supplies he could get at their next stop. Hopefully all of them but he needs to start sending out the emails as soon as possible. It took all morning to receive and send out all the logistical emails he needed to. Robert has had long nights with several early morning because of it.. and now all Robert could do is wait.

Robert shifted in his seat ran his fingers through his hair and scratch his nose. Letting his eyes close for a second. A second of rest Robert was working for all morning for.and as fast as that second past Robert was back to his emails.

Emails that consisted of security Reports that need to be check and signed off on. supplies for ammo requests..approved for future docking or supplies drops. Special delivery for certain items we can not get from local bases. Emails about ship status. System errors reports that need to be signed just so they can archive it.. just so they can say they have reported it..and it was viewed by the 2nd.. and that was just the simple stuff. Robert was still freshly new to the position of 2nd in command. And Robert was still trying to find all the files within the shared files of the previous 2nd about the logistical paperwork for this ship.. say that 3 times fast. Robert knew he didn't want to reinvent the wheel.. and is not like he could ask her about it. So Robert was gonna have to be hurting until he learned. The location and right files to send in his position.

Robert look at the clock on his computer.. 1800 Robert thought for second.

Robert- I forgot something.... what did I need to do.. their was something I was forgetting.

Robert quickly stood up to see if it was on his halo boards. But as soon as he did he suddenly black out..and found himself on the floor. Robert ears were a tunnel.. he opened his eyes their was a black hue to the room until he forced himself to sit up. Robert sat their .. his head hummed a bit

Robert- jarvis... he said in a weakened voice... what happened

Jarvis- you have over Exerted yourself and have become malnutrited.

Robert- what does that mean...?

robert ran his hand across his head to feel his tempature.

Jarvis- Robert it means you have overlooked your own personal health. And have over worked yourself to Exhaustion.

Robert- have you reported it no anyone?

Jarvis- no the best result would be to have you rest until you have woken up then have you go to the mess hall and go eat and rehydrate your self Robert.

Robert- how long have I been out?

Jarvis- you have been asleep for 8 hours Robert. During which I have silence all incoming calls and emails and lock your doors informing everyone that it was critical you rested.

Robert- oh great....

Robert sat up and tried logging into his computer..

Jarvis- I am sorry Robert but it is critical you go eat something at the mess hall..

Robert was daised but knew their was no fighting his AI and he better go eat something.. it tolk robert a second to find his balance but once he did slowly made his way to the mess hall.. and by judging by the lack of people around it was very late into the night.

Robert sat a table by himself eating... drinking some water
Trying to gather himself. The thing he forgot that popped into his head as he took a bite of food... he forgot to eat.. it was 2 days since he ate anything solid. Outside his office
Robert Realized if he didn't start taking care of himself he wouldn't be able to pull off is duties... thats when Robert started to realize he was gonna have to adapt and overcome his situation.. for his health and well being...


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