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Posted on Thu Jun 25th, 2020 @ 8:24pm by Captain Robert Razer

Location: Various
Timeline: current

sorry for not being active as much but ill chime in as much as possible...

welp great last mission guys had a blast reading every one's post at the end. but its on to the next mission and ill do as much as possible to uphold both positions i hold. lol

so neither the least.. welcome to the great adventures of Robert Razor..Razor...Razor....

as we last left our hero.. the mission just ended and Robert found himself moving into his new office to his second position on the USS sanctuary. lol i was being punny.. get it second position. haha ...and now he has to prepare the ship to receive 800 marine recruits and deal with a Ambassador . what will he do?.... lets find out..


Robert steps out of his office after couple of days of being stuck in his office catching up on emails and task that needed immediate attention. but since drastically finding out about the new marine recruits. he needed to make sure the gears of the rest of the ship are turning to receive all these new marine recruits. especially such a huge number of them. a couple..shoot even a dozen would not require a lot but 800 marines.. takes a lot of work to make sure we properly account for them track them and make sure we accommodate each and every one of them. which means Robert needed to get on the ball before we reached the star port. but first Robert needs to update Colonel Steven MayTa on everything.
Robert found himself in front of Colonel Steven MayTa office he was not sure how he gonna react to how abruptly he ended the conversation with the Ambassador. but either way Robert was about to announce he was gonna step in but before he was gonna walk in he quickly turned around and walked quickly towards the lifts.. better make sure everything else is set up before updating him... Robert quickly went to through out the ship to make sure that the new marines first had a place to stay rooms, then made sure that the ship could accommodate the extra personnel, so making sure the dinning facilities are opened up to sit more people. that their is a plan for more people to use the halo decks. that the the sections of the ship were these marines will be located are equip to handle more power through those locations. and finally to make sure to set up the in-processioning of each and every marine coming on this ship. as they walk on the ship a profile will be set up a health exam will be conducted then then they will be organized to where they will be going. then after assigned quarters and after they will be given their equipment. everything will be set up before hand and minor adjustment will be made during the time they are getting their equipment assigned to them. after every one is on the ship housed and equipted then we will hold a gathering of all the new recruits in the largest ship bay with all the leaders present to make sure they meet the commanding staff. and their in the bay we will smoke the marines lead by Colonel Steven MayTa and from their we can have our self a party.. robert will make sure we are a crew that makes sure we work hard put party hard.. of course making sure that does not mean destroying our home or any other location. we are explorers here to help those in need. buddies systems will be implace so others their are group effects to keep each other strong and look out for each other mentally.

and after all setting all that up and checking in in all those departments robert found himself in front of Colonel Steven MayTa office again..

Robert- well here we go (Robert taps on his badge)... Robert to Colonel Steven MayTa am permission to enter?. am here to give you a statues report.


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