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Tara's Physical Day

Posted on Fri Jan 8th, 2021 @ 11:17pm by Lieutenant Fytherix

Location: Doctors office

Tara was walking the corridor heading to the doctor's office for a physical she forgot to do. She kept walking the corridor to the nearest Turbolift to the Doctors office. as Tara was riding the lift she tapped her COMM badge, "Doctor, this is Private First Class Tara Richardson. I forgot I needed a physical; do you have time for me to have a physical Doctor Fyth?" Tara said as she got off the lift heading for his office.

At the time, Fytherix and his husband, Zev, had been arguing about the quarter's they'd been assigned when they'd arrived a week ago. On one side Fytherix felt that their quarters were fine. It was only two people and they shared a bed. There was a couch, sonic shower, all of the usual amenities. On the other hand, Zev felt that his position as both a Federation Ambassador and ship's Counselor warranted moving to the larger, and much nicer diplomatic guest quarters. True, he was on sabbatical from Starfleet service, but according to him "I'm never not a Federation Ambassador; even during my ELOA there are certain benefits that my career entitle us to."

Thankfully, their discourse was interrupted by Private Richardson. "Yeah, that's fine," the Tellarite replied before closing the channel abruptly. "Sorry love, duty calls," he said with a sarcastic shrug.

Zev rolled his eyes. "I guess we'll have to finish this conversation after your shift," the Ferengi replied, imitating Fytherix's shrug.

"Of course," he said with a certain tone in his voice. "Over dinner. In our quarters. Which I'm happy with."

Tara Looked around the Doctors office, "Hello, anyone around? It's me Tara Richardson, here for my physical." Tara said. Tara sat down by a near by seat waiting for the Doctor.

Zev's Ferengi super-hearing heard her approaching from the corridor, so he gestured to Fytherix by the time the doors had opened.

“Gotta go,” Fyth said with a cigarette between his lips. Though Zev wasn't overjoyed by his husband's smoking literally everywhere they went, the Tellarite's resolve to do so was admirable—one of the things that caused the two to fall in love in the first place.

Together, they exited Fytherix's office and approached the Lieutenant. The looks on their faces were exact opposites; while Zev carried himself with open arms and a welcoming smile, the Doctor was stone-faced and focused as he quite plainly eyeballed every detail of the Lieutenant's appearance. “Good skin care is essential, Lieutenant. It's the largest organ in your entire body, and subject to whatever situations you put it through. You need to moisturize every morning, or else you'll end up looking like me.”

Tara looked at the doc, and heard what he said."You were talking bout me right?" Tara wondered. All she wanted is a simple Physical from the Doctor So she can get back to her security duties.

Tara looked at the Doctor, "Excuse me?" she wondered what's that about. "I'm private 1st class Tara Richardson here for a physical for my Security chief," Tara said a little bit angry and wanted to know whats going on.

"Hi, I'm Zev," the pleasant Ferengi interjected. He knew all too well how his husband could rub others the wrong way. "I'm not technically assigned here, but I'm honored to meet you. This is my husband, Fytherix," he continued as he gestured toward his mate.

"You heard me," the Tellarite Doctor had been muttering, grabbing a medical tricorder from a nearby shelf. "The soft tissues around your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, between your phalanges--they're dry, Private." He took a puff and exhaled quickly. "But what do I know? It's not as if skincare is something I could possibly hold any knowledge of..."

Tara looked at the doc, and heard what he said."You were talking bout me right?" Tara wondered. All she wanted is a simple Physical from the Doctor so she can get back to her security duties.

“Nevermind, Private,” Fyth said. “Go ahead and take a seat on the bio-bed.” The convenient thing about the half-Caitian's voluntary visit was that the entire crew needed to be re-tested for the virus affecting the planet below. With her being here that meant one less person to scan.

Collecting a medical tricorder and waving a nurse over, the doctor began his scans. “How have you been feeling? Anything I should know about?”

Tara went to sit on the biobed for the Doctor."I've been feeling ok, just it was my time to see you I was overdue." Tara said with a brief smile to the doctor. Tara saw the doctor getting ready to check her out."

Fytherix glanced at her, then returned his attention to the Tricorder with a nod that clearly indicated that was not the case. “Are you certain?” he asked. “Perhaps you've met someone with whom you engaged in a … recreational exchange of bodily fluids?”

Tara looked at the cute and Handsome doctor, She walked up and told the doctor "Did anyone ever say how handsome you are and as for your
question doctor., The answer is No." Tara wondered what he was talking about.

“Only back home,” Fytherix replied flatly. Tellarites weren't known for their physical beauty; the species had been described as 'faces like pigs with excessively sagging skin.' Some Tellarites were born with underbite where large fang-like horns grew outside of the upper lip. 'Orc' had been something adolescent humans had called him before, among other things.

“The reason I asked is that you should have come down here a few weeks ago so that I could have prepared vitamin supplements for your baby. Your pregnancy could be tricky considering your the complexity of Human/Caitian DNA, and even more so when combined with that of a Trill.”

"Oh fuck, I'm pregnant? Is there any way I can get rid of it?" She sighed looking at the handsome Doctor,."I don't know remember anything, I went to a party after that lights went out.

"That doesn't sound good," the Doctor replied. "While abortion is a simple procedure, I would recommend you seek counseling before and after the operation is performed. This is a big decision and considering the circumstances ... yeah." Putting down the tricorder Fytherix fished a cigarette from the pocket of his lab coat and lit it, leaning against a nearby counter full of diagnostic equipment. "Do you recall when this party occurred? It's possible that Lieutenant Razor and I may be able to determine who sired the child. There are only so many Trills aboard, and a simple DNA test would identify them."

"The party was a few weeks back, But I don't remember sleeping with anyone," Tara said. You and Lt Razor? what do you mean? I thought maybe if
You were single, I really like you alot.?" Tara let out a sigh before crying.

"I'm married," Fyth replied. "I could take a genetic scan of your fetus to find out who the father is immediately. You said you want me to kill it, so I can get the genetic samples I need from the corpse. From there, I'll order Razor to arrest the guilty party under charges of rape, drugging you, and whatever else he can think of." Fyth turned to grab an instrument that looked rather severe for a simple genetic scan. "Take off your pants and spread your legs,"

Tara looked at the Doctor, "Why do you need to have my pants off and spread my legs? I'm curious who the father is, but I'm not ready to be a mom that's why I want you to kill it Doc."

"Well I can't just beam the damn thing out," he replied. "It would put you at risk. That's why I have this--" he gestured to the device in his hand "--to rip this thing out of you and cauterize all of the things that will be bleeding for the next week." Fytherix took a step toward the end of the bio-bed. "Take off your pants now, or spend the next 6 months experiencing a number of biological changes that, quite frankly, would make for an excellent case study. Human/Capitan/Trill? I think you're the first case in Starfleet history."

Tara looked at Dr. Fytherix, "whatever just get it out, I'm not ready to be a mom yet." Tara said as she lay on the biobed, being happy not to have it as she waited for the Doctor.

"Let's get started," Fytherix said as he moved in with the intimidating instrument. The procedure only took twenty minutes, and throughout that time period, he wondered what the emotional impact of what he was doing would have of the young Private. Once his work was complete he took a step back to do one more quick scan. "Congratulations Private, you're no longer pregnant."

Tara looked at the Doctor, "Thank god, too bad I couldn't find who the father was." Tara said laying on the Bio bed."Doctor do you have like something
for Birth control? " Tara asked the doc as she slowly got up.

"Of course I do," Fytherix replies. "Would you prefer chemical, physical, or surgical?"

Why all 3 I don't understand? can you please explain each one to me please?" Tara questions with concern.

“Chemical would be taking a medication via hypo at regular intervals, physical would be items like a diaphragm or cervical shield, and surgical would be a brief operation that would make it impossible for you to get pregnant without having the procedure reversed by a doctor. I believe humans referred to it as 'knotting their cords' or something like that.” Fytherix fished around in the right pocket of his lab coat and withdrew a bent (but not broken) cigarette which he put in his mouth, allowing one end it to hang loosely between his lips. As he slid his left hand into the other pocket and began digging around for a lighter, he continued: “Chemical and physical require you to either take the injections monthly or apply the contraceptive prior to sex. The surgery would be a one-and-done; you wouldn't have to worry about accidental pregnancy until you decide you wanna have a kitten or whatever. The procedure is easily reversed.”

Tara looked at the doctor."Then let's get this baby started, I'l do monthly Injections." Tara grinned at the doctor

"Fantastic," Fytherix replied. He turned, programmed, and handed her a hypo. "Tap that on your neck once a month, and you won't get pregnant. Anything else?"

"not really, and Thank you for everything" Tara said with a grin. "This is the right stuff." Tara also said as she was off the table and getting
ready to leave.

Corporal Tara R'honn-Richardson
Security Officer


Lt Fytherix
Medical personal


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