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ending to the current mission

Posted on Sun Jan 3rd, 2021 @ 9:03am by Captain Robert Razer

Location: Uss Sancuary
Timeline: current

Happy New Year everyone. lets us began this year with some good writing and great stories. I know 2020 has been a rough year for everyone but let us change ourselves and do 2021 as best we can. in everything we do in life.. so let us began our sim for whatever reason you do it for. I am doing this to try to keep my and mostly practice my creative writing so I am very thankful for every reading my so let us began. ..


Welcome ladies and gents and old .. happy earthly new years and welcome to another human story and the great adventure of the beloved Robert Razor!Razor!...Razor!....... (cue clapping and cheering in the background)


Robert stood on the bridge the week that has gone by has been hell for him. for he missed the arrival of Admiral Geen Katar. I was stuck with the supply request ask by our engineers that couldn't wait. I ended up meeting the Admiral in our ship's cantina. when I arrived the Admiral was having herself a drink. I recruited a new recruit to stay by my side the whole time for I needed someone to consistently run off and make sure things were in place as I toured the ship with the Admiral.

Razor- so here is our engineering quarters

Admiral Geen Katar- yes I see that .. now let me walk around freely as I inspect it

all Razor could do was follow the Admiral as she walked around looking at different datapads and machines. after we continued our tour through the living quarter's decks going in and out of different sections of the ship. my assistant would gradually tug on my sleeve and update me with messages from the captain. mostly they would say the same thing.

assistant- "whispering" sir colonel Steven MayTa told me to inform you to "keep that ..(cough)..bastard off my bridge"..

Razor- tell the colonel that I can only do so much but I eventually I will have to bring them up to the bridge. tell them to be ready at any point. I can't divert them for too long.

Admiral Geen Katar- LT Razor how often does your crew clean for dust or any micros like so. (holding up some dust.)

Razor- ma'am we do a bi-weekly cleaning of the ship. our air system filters out as much as it can as we also do schedule cleaning from crewmembers.

Admiral Geen Katar- yes I see.. when the next time your schedule to clean this room.

Razor- Jarvis when is the next scheduled cleaning?

Jarvis- next schedule cleaning for that section is next week Lt razor.

Admiral Geen Katar turned back around to continue looking. only hearing muttering after. ok we are done here

next, we passed through the sips marine quarters. which was hell for Razor since we just took an additional 800 new recruits Razor had no idea who was who. or even where the hell all the new leadership has gone or resided. all he could do was try and gather them all in one spot and have a meet and greet with the admiral. at the end of the meet and greet the Admiral ask Razor now that she would like to see the bridge. but luckily for Razor it was supper time.

Razor- i would love to show you the bridge ma'am but it is supper time and we have a lovely dinner made out especially for you we will have to finish our tour tomorrow morning bright and early.

Admiral Geen Katar- bright and early you say ok razor.. so supper yes of course.i need to go back to my quarters first.

Razor-but of course now if you please follow me I will accompany you to your quarter's admiral.

once Razor saw the admiral back to her quarters answering her many questions he had from the touring of today's inspection. Razor quickly made his way to the bridge. Razor walks into the bridge to see colonel Steven MayTa sitting on the CPT chair.

Razor- colonel Mayta the admiral will be on the Bridge tomorrow morning after that we should be finishing up all the inspections up and be done with them.

colonel Mayta- good she needs to get off this ship already.

Razor- understood sir ill do my best to hurry the process. so as soon as we get there the faster we can get her off the ship.

colonel Mayta- I can not wait.

Razor- now ... about tonight dinner. will your majesty be gracing our dinner tonight or am I gonna have to fight the evil dragon by myself tonight. (razor chuckles a bit)

colonel Mayta- tell her I've become ill

Razor- I figured as much, I will tell her you are greatly ill with some kinda stomach sickness.

colonel Mayta- good

Razor showed up to the dinner. and it was as pleasant as you would think. Robert on several occasions wanted to stick a dinner knife in his eyeballs. to keep himself from going crazy. by the end of the meal, the admiral was accounting old boring stories during her travels in space. Robert was grateful she was able to tell him those but she was not a good storyteller. but by the end of the night, the admiral was ready to leave she stood up and excuse her self off to bed.

Admiral Geen Katar- now thank you Lt Razor for the lovely dinner I will see you tomorrow morning at 3am goodnight.

Razor- yes Maaam (fake smile )

as soon as the doors closed behind her Robert fell back into his chair. with a deep sign of relief. Robert leaned forward with his hands on his face.

Razor- computer a shot of whiskey, please

a robot brought the shot of whisky onto the table. Robert pick it up and threw it back in one gulp. took a deep breath and enjoyed the silence for mint before looking at the clock and seeing it was 12 am..jus then he realized that she said 3am...


razor jumped up and pulled out a pad from his back ..

razor- Jarvis i got three hours to send all important emails to mee ill be in the bridge

when razor arrived on the bridge the night shift was in.

razor sat in the captain's chair-

razor- Jarvis as soon as you sense the admiral asleep let me know as soon as possible.

Jarvis- rgr razor

razor- Lieutenant I want you to Trans warp back to the Admiral station as soon as I give the order is that clear.

flight officers- Roger sir

Razor continued to work on some emails as the admiral went to sleep it it took the admiral an hour to fall into rem sleep. but as soon as he did Robert gave the order to Trans warp to the station. by 0230 the ship was close enough Robert was just done taking care of import emails and was nearly able to squeeze in a couple of logs of the inspection before having to rush back to his quarters to shower and change. by 0300 the admiral was ready. Robert met with the admiral in front of his quarters.

Admiral Geen Katar- your late Lieutenant

Razor- it is only 0300

Admiral Geen Katar- if your on-time your late Lieutenant. if this is how you run your crew I can see the fault in leadership. now let us began.

Robert bit his tongue..

Admiral Geen Katar- now let us began. to the bridge as promised.

Razor lead the admiral to the bridge the whole ride up in the turbo lift was deathly quiet. so quiet razor had to bite his tongue from falling asleep. he needed coffee. but hopefully, his assistant would have been on the bridge waiting there arrival. he will definitely send him to get some coffee for him. as soon as possible. Razor stepped out of the turbo lift and stood at attention as the admiral step out of the turbo lift. Razor in a loud voice

Razor- Admiral on the bridge!..

everyone on the bridge stood at attention. as the Admiral walk around inspecting the crew

Admiral Geen Katar- Lieutenant?

Razor walked to the Admiral.

Razor- yes ma'am?

Admiral Geen Katar- where is your captain?

Razor- well it's 3 am in the morning ma'am he is still in his quarters asleep.

Admiral Geen Katar- asleep at 3am. doesn't he know the early bird gets the worm.

Razor- I will inform him of your notes ma'am.

Admiral Geen Katar-see to it he understands the duty as a captain of a ship.

Razor- yes... ma'am I will put everything in the logs for his review of the inspections.

the admiral continued with her inspection. as Robert stood silently watching. his eyes felt heavy but suddenly he felt a tug on his elbow behind him his assistant was there with a cup of coffee.

Razor- thank goodness I need this.

his assistant gave him a nod of approval, as razor took a careful sip of the coffee. 30 minutes later the Admiral was done with her inspection. and walked to Razor.

Admiral Geen Katar- Lieutenant I am very disappointed that Colonel Steven MayTa or the captain has not been here during these inspections. I have only a couple more little quick inspection before finishing up the inspection. but I am done with you now Lieutenant. i send you the full report once I am done and back in my station until then I thank you for your assistance.

Razor- thank you ma'am, I will have my assistant go with you until you are ready to go back to your station. as I've been informed we will be in the orbit of your station by 0400 so until then please feel free to roam around the ship. and whenever you are ready to leave my assistant will inform me when your ready and I will meet you at the transporter room to bid you farewell. until then I have to go and take care of the operations of the ship. as a second I am sure you understand there is much work to be done.

Admiral Geen Katar- yes.. much work needs to be done. then I bid you a farewell.

the admiral walks past Razor and into the turbo lift. with my assistant behind her

Razor- bridge attention!..

the doors closed

Razor- as you were! great jobs every one

razor spent the rest of that morning catching up with sleep. dead to the world until he was woken up letting him know Admiral Geen Katar was ready to leave. Razor met them in the transporter room. making sure to be there before the Admiral was there he brought a gift basket of different chocolate candy for her. Razor stood ready as she entered the room. razor calling the room to attention. as the admiral walk over to Razor to talk with him one last time.

Admiral Geen Katar-i will be sending my review to you as soon as it is complete I expect a response from your captain and colonel.

Razor- understood ma'am i will make sure there is a timely response.

Admiral Geen Katar- good now go get some sleep you look like hell Lieutenant.

Razor- yes ma'am oh here is a gift from colonel Mayta and Captain Katana. they informed me they do apologize for their absence. but they both have been feeling ill.

the admiral took the basket

Admiral Geen Katar-well then gives them my gratitude. farewell Lieutenant

Admiral Geen Katar walked into the transportation pad. and turned around

Razor- energize.........


oh...k everyone that's it for me please feel free to have interaction with the admiral before her leaving the ship. as I didn't put a specific time when she was walking around. but I did put her leaving.. as for everyone else please put in whatever you like if not it's ok. and if you made it this far I wanna say one thing....your awesome. .. ill be posting some more random side stories for myself so I hope you enjoy .. live long and prosper .. ok ok lmao


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