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PT Session failure

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 7:33am by Sergeant Jackie Anderson


Would the Following Enlisted personnel. Please report to the First Sargent office. Immediately
Corporal Richardson and Sargeant Anderson

Sergeant Anderson reports almost immediately
After called. "Do you know why I called you here Sargent?" says The first Sargeant " PFT test I am guessing?" says the young Sargeant " yes pushups and setups you did great. Your pullups you passed but barely and what you failed is your 3-mile run. Do you know what this means every morning Six AM sharp you will be tested every Friday till you pass you are dismissed, Sargeant"?

He sits and waits on Corporal.

Corporal Richardson walked into the room. “Corp. Richardson here sir.” Tara said as she walked in wagging her tail she stood tall and collective and attentive. “So what do you need from me Staff Sergeant Roman,” Tara said to him as she saluted him and still remained Attentive and she fixed her uniform for him as well.

"It First Sargeant to you Corporal " angrier now more than ever due to the disrespect "This is the worst PFT scores I have ever seen Corporal did you even try due to this pathetic display you will have 2hrs of PT every morning starting at 5 am until you pass a PFT do you understand me, Corporal"

Tara looked at him with a brief sigh,"Yes sir, and I'm sorry First Sergeant." Tara said in a straight attention... Tara didn't want to be insubordinate to her
Superiors its not her way of life.


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