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the cries of the dead

Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2020 @ 10:30am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Colonies
Timeline: current

Welcome new friends and old cranky ones... to another sad adventure of the sanctuary ... sanctuary ..sanctuary ..sanctuary ... as we last left our hero he was sending an update email to Col.MayTa ... and went to bed as the ground crew worked hard to find the reason for the virus that was killing the colonies.. so we continue


Robert was shaken awake suddenly ....

science Team LT- Sir!...Sir... Robert we need you we think we found the virus that effecting every one.. we found it

Robert still in a dais from only 2 hours of sleep..

Robert- ok ...ok... thats great new....give me a mint and ill get up

Robert sat up on his cote his head felt like a lead wight and he had to take a couple long deep breaths to get his senses back together.. shortly after a mint Robert was up moving around and getting dressed.

Robert- LT get me a coffee black please i do my personal hygiene...

Robert understood that he needed to take any opportunity he could. to keep his profession appearances. you never knew when he was gonna be able to after he was up and running along .. and by the looks of it it was gonna be a long day.

Robert finish brushing his teeth ass the lt brought his coffee..

science Team LT- sir your coffee i brought creamers and sugar

Robert- no thank you i like it black....

science Team LT and Robert jump into their TTAA suit and quickly made their way to the science test tent.

location- science test tent. (forward command tent)

science Team LT and Robert walk into a brightly lit room with tables and screens all across the room. on the tables were Beacons and Microscopes. some had glass containers in them already that were lit. the beacons had different color fluids in them. the Lt lead Robert to one table and a screen that had a display of a cell on it..

science Team LT- Do you see anything strange about that cell???

Robert- well i am no cell expert....

science Team LT - look closer

science Team LT zoomed into the cell.. up to the point were Robert to notice something strange going on within the cell...

Robert- What the hell is their something in that????

science Team LT -- exactly!!... the whole reason nobody was able to find it was because they could not see it... the dam thing is smaller then a regular virus ... regular sensors could not read it... even worst a regular microscope could not zoom in far enough for it..

Robert still staring at it squinting his eyes...

Robert- well ill be dam... tell me LT how long until we can figure this thing out?

science Team LT- well that is the thing sir.... we just found it. to completely understand the virus will take some time.. we have no clue what it is .. we just know where it is. and we don't have the equipment to even get to it to dissect it.

Robert- well dam it LT i want the list for equipment and personnel ASAP.. we dont have no time to waste.

science Team LT- yes sir---

Robert- also give me the second person that understand this thing as much as you do .. i am calling an emergency meeting with the colonies heads... ill ask them to open their science labs to us, so we can broaden the ability to cure this thing...

science Team LT- yes sir ill send my SGT first class with you...

Robert- also ill pull some more hand to help you.. and the research.. shoot my name out for anything you need.. i want a status report as soon as any thing changes.

Robert meet the Conies heads in their town hall meeting rooms most of the heads stood in their homes and decided to screen them self's telepathically. Robert stood in from of many screens with leaders shocked faces as he described their findings... at the end of the meeting they began their planning. Robert ask if they could take over a lab they agreed to the terms so as long as their sentience were able to work along side them.. Robert agreed to it as long we had control over them.. they agreed.

with a sudden bang of a couple of doors swinging open to the old meeting room. a security guard sprinted into the meeting ....

Head of the colonies--- what is the reason for this!!

security guard- sir we found a whole building of dead people

Robert stood frozen as he listened to the guard explain that a new district has now found dead..
the room became full of loud talking and voices that were scared and panicky.

Head of the colonies-- listen every listen their is no use of being scared..

1st screen- being scared our people are dying we must leave now

Head of the colonies-- and how do expect to move all these people..without getting them sick

1st screen- but if we stay we are at risk of dying slow deaths.. i rather take the chances in space...

the room began to erupt with people screaming at each other again...

Head of the colonies--silence ...every Silence---

every one shut their trap

Head of the colonies-- we have LT Robert here... i ask their crew to come here to help us during our time in need lets see what advice he has for us....

Robert stood silent for a long mint.....walk into the open floor

Robert- ok ladies and gentleman.. your Leader is correct we can not panic now its too late for that.. every one brings up valid points. but we must be reasonable about how we execute our plan... we have more ship coming.. they will get here within the week.. so must prepare your people.. your healthy people for the move.. segregation and testing is a must once we find a way to exams and check we will have to use it asap... but for know all we can do is close off locations were we can for sure know it is in.. sadly those healthy in there must wait until we can a hundred percent know they are cleared from the virus...

1st screen- LT are you telling me to close off my people you understand the chaos that will erupt.

Robert- we must tell them to shelter in place ..

1st screen- and who is gonna enforce this-- the security guards are part of those community.. you think any one is gonna want to stay put learning that virus is on their doorstep.. this Virus kills instantly.

Robert- we have to give our scientist more time to find a method to detect this.. i beg of you ask your people to stay in their homes and wait just a little longer...

Head of the colonies- well gentleman i suggest you sit back and prepare your self for a long meeting ..

Robert was in the meeting well into the afternoon. but only injected during the meeting as much as he needed he hated meeting.. he rather be in the field getting shot at by someone then sit here.. but he knew the importance if the meeting. over all what came out of the meeting was a half ass exit plan. a half ass plan to keep every one in their homes. and a plan to make sure the rich districts were able to fly out and self guarantee within their ship outside orbit.. Robert hated some of the leaders and took them as fools .. but during the meeting he noted that non of them talk about the sick or dying or the elderly. only talk about the few districts were being evacuated. how how they were doing it.. he never herd them mention them.Robert had a bad feeling about this.. he didn't know why but he had a really bad feeling in his gut.. and as soon as the meeting was over Robert rushed to his security Lt

Robert- LT give me a couple of your men that have been out in ride along with the colonies security forces. we are going out. but first send them to me

the 2 crew member met with Robert.

Robert- alright gentleman i got a couple question for you.. during your ride along was their anything strange you mite have notice

Crew members- ??? no sir ???

Robert- was their any area you guys saw that they didnt want you to see ot go near

crew members- ..well no...wait maybe just one but they said that it didn't lead any were..

Robert- can you guys point it out on the map please..

the crew member pointed to a weird looking door that seemed to lead to no where..

Robert- interesting why is their a door way that lead no where. well gentleman
we will start their.. lets get a move on

Robert and the two crew members arrive at the door way in a short while.. Robert had to shine a light down the dark ally-way .. as he slowly walk to the door way.. he notice for such a dirty place that the floor around the doorway was clean.. off as if wind carried the dust and dirt away..

Robert- jarvis can yo open this door..

Jarvis- it will take me a mint Robert--

Robert walk up to the door and was sliding his gloves across the door looking for a secret handle to open it suddenly with a click the door opened Robert jumps up with eximent.. and every looks at him with a surprise look apoun their faces..

Jarvis-- door opened

Robert-thanks ..

Robert shines the light into a very dark room ..suddenly getting this strange feeling if the small settlement that was once very nice just became dark.. for in this room laid piles and piles of dead bodies .. as if some one was throwing these bodies here on purpose.. their were women children, old folk , males, human, females, aliens, just left within the room Robert froze.. as he shined his light aaat each body.. their faces stared back at him.. their rotten corpses looking into his soul...

Jarves- incoming transmission from Colonel Steven MayTa

Robert could not stay in that room any longer quickly exiting... it took robert a long time to gather himself.. trying to understand the reason why...

robert found himself back in the tent when we remember the message from Colonel Steven MayTa \

robert read the email.....

""They maybe a day late."" the fear started to grow bit

as for the Tactical assessment on the Colonies offensive and Defensive capabilities. Robert wrote, that their security forces are currently at 75% and their numbers slowly fall more day by day. as for the colonies security defenses they do not have much of an arsenal. standard air defend is non existing, their weapons are just personal weapons no real army. a majority of their fire power comes from their security forces that keep the peace and keep any outsiders from going on a killing spree they have a very small army but Robert yet to see them or any of their capability.

for the darkest of nights bring peaces for the smallest of lights...

Robert had a difficult time sleeping that night as he pictured the crop's eye straying back at him


welp another post done at 3am.. good night..i mean morning .. i mean my night your


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