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242004.25 || Lt Fytherix || "GTFO"

Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2020 @ 1:48am by Lieutenant Fytherix

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Ready Room, USS Guardian

“Medical Log, Stardate 202004.25

“Look, I get it. When I chose to join Starfleet it was made quite clear that part of my job is to obey orders, no matter my personal feelings. True, resignation is always an option, but I've been on Guardian for years, and I find it offensive that I have almost no control over where I end up or what I'll be doing while I'm there. I didn't spend 4 years in medical school to up and end my career.

“Sure, an application is little more that an opportunity to be judged by whoever's reading it, and multiple officers may have applied for the same position. It can be difficult choosing who you'll be working with ,when, where and why; the fact of the matter is I didn't apply to be transferred – I applied for a promotion...” I think it's pretty racist NOT to recognize and/or applaud the fact that I have literally brought countless people back to life from the brink of death."

=/\= Ready Room, USS Guardian =/\=

“Come in,” said Captain Aiden Bravado when he heard the chime, which meant that the time had come. Personally, he was excited – the news he had for Dr Fytherix was a rare opportunity that anyone would be elated to receive. Not only was the good doctor getting the promotion he'd been itching for, he'd be working with the Starfleet Marine's Temporal Department. Based on his experience with Marines the Doc would be a great fit.

As the diminutive Tellarite came in and took a seat uninvited, the smell of tobacco smoke followed him in, clearly due to the fact that the man was puffing on one of his cigarettes. This was not uncommon. “It's rude to insist that I stop what I'm doing—critical work, mind you—to come have a chat about whatever you're talking about.

Fytherix was a difficult man to work with, causing Aiden to sigh as he rolled his eyes. “Not only have I told you not to smoke in here, that rule still applies to literally everywhere on the ship other than your quarters.”

“Must've slipped my mind. Y'know how it is,” he replied. Must've slipped my mind while I was saving lives.”

“Be that as it may, this is the last time we'll be having this conversation; you've been transferred to the Marine division and we've already changed course and jumped to maximum warp—they need you aboard the USS Sanctuary ASAP.”

Considering the fact that there wasn't an ashtray in the CO's office, the Tellarite took a long drag of his cigarette, and exhaled as he glared. “I see,” he replied succinctly.

“It's a great opportunity,” Bravado continued, hoping his excitement for the doctor would rub off on him. While I don't know the specifics, you were selected by the SFMC--a temporal vessel in a completely different branch of Starfleet. The fact that I've had to speak with both Starfleet Command, the Marine's CO, the SFMC Temporal Investigations department, and your new CO, and then was ordered by all four to get you there as soon as possible--all within the past hour, mind you--is a pretty big deal. So, before you get back to 'saving lives' I'd like to congratulate you on being promoted to Chief Medical Officer at your new post, so start packing.”

“Well at least some good came out of this,” Fytherix muttered. How long do I have before you kick me out?”

“About 6 hours, Bravado replied. Producing a PADD and handing it over as he continued: “This contains your orders, a rundown on the Sanctuary's current mission and the location thereof. Looks like you'll be diving into a bath of fire, as it has something to do with a pandemic that is killing off the people of a colony somewhere.”

Fytherix scanned the PADD, skipping the orders—Captain Bravado had just described them—and going straight for the medical research that had already occurred by their Acting CMO who apparently was a Nurse and therefore unlikely to be qualified to perform major surgeries. That explained a lot about how and why he'd been instructed to leave his home of the past 5 years. “Why would SFMC send a ship without a CMO do deal with a planetary medical emergency?” he asked. “Is this the kinda shit I'll be dealing with on a regular basis? And don't Marines run around getting into phaser-fights? Who could have possibly been performing major surgery?

“No idea, but I know you're busy with pressing work so get ready to go. Dismissed.”

“Hmph..” the doctor scoffed. Then, having received his orders for the next few hours, he went and did exactly that. Hopefully his new CO wouldn't be as whiny about the smoking... “You do realize that I have no interest in becoming a Marine, right?” he said as he stood and started walking from the door.

“You won't be,” Bravado replied. “At the moment, the assignment is temporary for now. You read part of the PADD, I'm sure you can see why someone with experience in virology would be essential for their objective”

Fytherix shook his head slightly. “What an honor,” he replied sarcastically before turning his back on the Captain and leaving the office.

=/\= LtJG Fytherix
Acting Chief Medical Officer, USS Savior
“Be the person you want to be until the day you die”

((OFF: Hey everyone! I'm really excited to be here, so ignore the character's attitude. According to my research Tellarites tend to be assholes, and I've based this character off of Doc Cottle from Battlestar Galactica, and a little of my own personality. I hope you enjoy him and this log, and I look forward to SIMming with you all. If anyone is interested in doing joint logs I'm always up for it :D ))


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