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The sadness part 1

Posted on Mon Apr 27th, 2020 @ 10:36pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Medical Deck
Timeline: Current


Col-MayTa walking along the medical deck, seeing a lot of his Marines injured. He noticed
some are badly hurt others have minor wounds. All he can think about checking on Captain
Be'lana. He is walking slowly as not to interfere with the Medical staff.

Things look back and there is some fear and tension in the air.

Col-MayTa walks along looking threw the bay window, and his hart sinks. But he keep his composure.
He stops and bends down to a Pfc (Private First Class). Pfc, Hicks holding on to his pants led. Sir please
I;m in pain. Col-MayTa looks at the wound on his chest. Marine you will be fine, Nurse Col-MayTa calls out.
He looks down at the young Cpl. The Cpl was no more that 17 years of age. The EMN (emergency Holo
Nurse runs up. Col-MayTa gets up and steps back, and he watches the EMN take care of him.

Colonel MayTa is beside himself and remeber's what happend in the past.

Col-MayTa turns and slowly makes his way to the surgical ward, He walks in and ask where Captain Be'Lana
is at. EMN looks up sir, she over here, He points to SB1. (Surgical Bay 1). C0l-MayTa walks up and looks
threw the window. He watches as EMS(Emergency Medical Surgeon) and Nurse Jackie working away. Col-MayTa stops a nurse to find out whats happing to Captain Be'lana. The nurse nods one moment sit, she walks
in and ask the EMS. She walks back out after a few moments. Sir right now they are trying to stop all the bleeding.

Colonel MayTa sadness deepens due to he has never lost a XO so young before..

Col.MayTa nods to the nurse, Thank you carry on. The nurse sees Col-MayTas sadness in his eyes. Sir go
do something, we will let you know what's going. After they finish stabilizing her sir. Col-MayTa nods thanks you, He knows he needs to keep his mind off of everything. But he cant but he must try, Col-MayTa takes on more look, he turns and heads to Engineering. He slowly makes his way to the turbo lift. He reaches the lift,
he stops and looks down the long deck. With a sad Blank look he steps in backward. The doors close and
single tear rolls down his right cheek.



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